18 Jul 2007

You Know I Love Adwords!!

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 If you don’t have an adword account set up at Google then some of these comments below will not make any sense to you. I set up alot of lead generating campaigns for clients so I found some of them amusing. Enjoy!



  • You categorize your refrigerator items by Adgroup
  • The full name of your first child is legally surrounded in brackets
  • You use Analytics to predict the weather.
  • You built a Google Sandbox in your backyard.
  • Your Click Through Rate is higher than your Mortgage Rate
  • You keep a picture of Matt Cutts on your Vision Board.(no offense Matt!)
  • You categorize your preference in friends by Quality, Home, and Wealth
  • You never speak the words: “Google”, “Yahoo”, or “eBay” in public…that is a trademark infringement!
  • Your wife threatens to “Slap” you  and you race to your computer to check your bid prices.
  • Your lack of hyperbole makes you drier than burnt toast.
  • You send your wife to the mall with a Maximum Bid amount on all clothing.

If YOU need a whole lot more business and fresh prospects, let me know and we will show what is now possible using Google and the internet.


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