24 Apr 2014

What is YOUR Marketing Budget?

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I was just on a webinar talking about marketing budgets. It was good.

They talked about how to choose the correct budget for their size and profits.

Different for everyone and also different from industry to industry.

The ranges are all over the place but there is a formula that you can start with.

I have been watching the TV show, “The Profit” and it’s pretty cool. He is a no nonsense guy
and cuts to the chase quickly.

Are you cutting to the chase on areas in your business that is not pulling its weight.
Can you make the tough decisions? I know it’s hard but if you don’t do it, who will?

Do you need some help? Get it. Don’t fool around.

Anyway, back to the marketing budget. How serious are you about growing your business?

My guess is you are very serious but do your actions show it?

If you need help figuring this all out, again, I stress not to wait.

Your competitors are not waiting.

Establish a budget based on a percent of your profits. Call me for some guidelines of percentages, based on where you want to go with your sales.

And for those who really have not established a marketing budget….well what can I say? let’s get it done!!

I am here for you!!
717 330 1850

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