04 Jan 2008

What Is Viral Marketing?

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Viral marketing is a way to spread the news about a product or service that drives people to your site to get more of what you have to offer. Here’s an example, let’s say you love table tennis as I do and I video myself teaching a certain type of serve. I then post it on www.youtube.com and tell people they can see more videos by going to www.mytabletennisstore.com Other players see it and tell others to go to the site and it continues to bring traffic to www.mytabletennisstore.com all without spending any money on advertising. pretty cool. It is like a virus, a very good virus. 

One other of the many ways to use viral marketing is to write an article on a subject you enjoy. Submit it to article directories and it very well could get picked up and put on many sites if they believe it to be helpful to their readers. If you Google article directories or submit my article, you will find many places to submit your article. It should be about 500-700 words and be sure to include your link [your website address] so that you have a link for people to get to your site.

If you need any help with getting started with this, just let me know! Good luck!!

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