14 Oct 2008

What Is The Most Important Part Of Your Website?

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Designers think it’s the design.

Accountants think it’s their numbers.

Traffic masters think it’s volume of traffic.

But what really matters is you WORDS

Yep, the copy!!

If you can’t excite the reader nothing really matters.

Let’s Do A Little Test

Here are 3 possible headlines. Quickly pick the one that catches you most.

US Bank offers many convenient services

Become Debt Free Quickly

“Money Secret Exposed That Shows How Homeowners Use Banks Money To Pay Off Private Homes Fast”

Do you see a difference? Even the better of the 3 could be greatly improved upon. They were written in 30 seconds. And you will always need to make sure your copy complies with all regulations.

Practice and work with what is within your personality. The headline should be what you spend most of your time on, then write the rest of the copy.

Shoot for 20 possible headlines then ask around and see which is the winner. It’s fun and is good for your business.

Good luck!!

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