01 Feb 2008

Want a Flood of Traffic?

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Below is an article that ties in with what I was telling you about relating to Viral marketing. Read this and take Action. This works!
Article Writing to Promote Your Website
Congratulations, you’ve got a web site that you spent hours working on. It’s up and running, you’re proud of it (and of the content or products you sell) and you want to promote it.

Now, I’ll bet your web site has lots of interesting content on it, but by writing brief articles that further promote your web site, you will spread the word about your web site faster and further. Let’s say, for instance, that your web site is all about the virtues of a recipe called the Best Chocolate Pudding Ever. It has the recipe, fan clubs, links to other good (but not best) recipes, and visitors can even purchase the ready-made product on your web site.

Now, it’s a good bet that eventually, search engines will simply pick up on your product’s name, and that people will simply be directed to your site by doing a search for it. However, what if these poor people don’t even think about wanting to do a search for your product? In that case, you would want to direct them to your web site to check out information they didn’t even know they wanted (but you know they do) on your product.

One good way to do this is to place a link to a short article in your sig line (a brief descriptive line about you that appears after your name in e-mails) that describes, for instance, the virtues of your product. In this article is a link to your web site where they can find out more information. Then, presto, readers can go to your web site and find out all about the your product, including how to purchase it, fan clubs and the like.

Another place to submit articles that will promote your web site is to search for e-zines targeted to your web site’s subject area. Let’s say, for instance, that you find an e-zine called Chocoholics Corner. This is a perfect e-zine to promote your web site. It’s also always helpful to give readers of e-zines something for free. So, you write a brief article talking about the health benefits of chocolate pudding, how to incorporate it into a healthy diet or your best recipe for a face masque using it (which, of course, benefits the skin). At the end of the article, include a brief bio about yourself and a link to your site. You can probably find many, many e-zines targeted to your subject area that your web site would benefit and each of these e-zines would likely accept your article. Every subscriber to these e-zines would then see and read the article and, perhaps, click on the link to your site. You’ll have many more visitors to your web site instantly.

You can also join mailing lists for entrepreneurs where you swap tips with other like-minded folks, and in this way you’ll get to promote your web site. While not exactly article writing, it still is geared toward promoting your web site, and you may also discover some unique working relationships and collaborations by doing this.

Another way to do article writing to promote your web site is to swap articles with other similar web sites. This is similar to link swapping that you may have heard about, but, in this case, web sites actually swap content as well. Some informational web sites keep article files for download or e-books, for example. Swapping your content with other web sites in this manner not only promotes your web site, but theirs as well.

Yet another way to do article writing that will promote your web site is to offer to write content for other web sites in exchange for a link to your web site, and/or perhaps an ad posting. This is similar, in some ways, to the article swapping mentioned above, but instead of swapping articles, you simply offer to write an article or content geared specifically for that particular web site (of course, you can ask to have the same done for your web site as well, so this benefits you, too, and can give your content a more diverse flavor and voice than if you write it all yourself).

Again, not only are you further spreading the word about your web site, but you are inviting others to participate in its continual development. This provides you the opportunity to hear others’ objective opinions on how content can be improved. (Of course, keep in mind that all final decisions should remain yours as to what goes on your web site and its layout, etc., and don’t be unduly swayed by others’ opinions. It does help to have extra sets of eyes catching problems you might not – after all, you’re immersed in it daily – but that doesn’t mean you defer to others’ judgment over yours.)

Finally, a great way to do article writing to promote your web site is to start your own free mailing list or e-zine. Sites such as Yahoo.com offer free mailing lists that anyone can set up and it’s a very simple matter to start one. Whether you choose to start a mailing list where subscribers can converse back and forth or simply to start your own e-zine or newsletter, where you write the content of a single newsletter and then distribute it to subscribers every week, your subscribers will be introduced to your web site and continually exposed to it via your article writing. Additionally, distributing such a newsletter gives them the opportunity to pass the newsletter on to friends and family, so that those friends and family will seek out your web site.

All in all, article writing to promote your web site is fast, fun, free advertising that takes a minimum of time and effort on your part, with no ads to buy. Try implementing a few of these article writing tips. You’ll have visitors to your site in no time.

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