08 Apr 2009

Up Front Contracts

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A friend of mine just called [3 times so far]. He’s extremely successful but has an issue. It seems that a “professional business coach” promised to “help him out” by taking him to a secluded place and for a small fee of just having my friend pay for the room he would help him out and there would be no other costs.

He was going to help him with a business plan and “donate” all his time to help my friend because he wanted to “be a friend”. Very generous!

Until the the very last minute when called my friend and said it would cost another 2000.00. This is just hours before they were going to go. After all, he was giving up some of his time!

This a trained professional that pulled this!

My friend is a generous man in a very real way and also hates confrontation and almost gave in.

But after a few talks about learning how to set healthy boundaries and being able to say no, he was able to
address the issue of an “upfront contract” that the “professional” did not set, yet teaches to others on a regular basis.

What Can You Learn From This?

So many relationships are destroyed by a lack of a clear understanding of what is to happen. Expectations that are unclear.

The “professional” knew better and didn’t do it.

How can we keep these things from happening?

One easy way is to repeat back to the person what you understand the “understanding” to be.

In business it certainly should be put in writing, even with friends.

Communication seems to be so hard for a lot of people but by utilizing this one simple tip with clear upfront contracts of what is being said can reduce misunderstanding’s by as much as 90%

Test it out the next time you think you have an agreement with someone by simply repeating it back to them as you hear it.

Good luck !

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