28 Sep 2010

Surveys- What can they do for your business?

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I just completed a survey that asked me to fill out 11 questions about what kind of help I would be looking for in a particular field I am interested in. What he was actually asking me was what would I most be interested in…. so he could fulfill my needs and sell me a product.

How’s that for Smart marketing? Asking me what I’d buy if he created it? Pretty darn good. So how can this help you? Well, when was the last time you asked your customers what they most need from you? Or what ideas THEY have for your business?

Surprise, surprise! They will tell you if you ask. Who better to ask?

Anyway, think about talking more to your customers and specifically asking them to “help you” sell them what they are looking for.
You can check out www.surveymonkey.com and take it for a free ride!

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