09 Apr 2012

Social Media Lancaster Pa

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Do you have a business in the Lancaster, Pa. area that needs more leads? Have you tried to use social media locally? Has it been confusing to tie in local marketing using the internet?

There are more and more choices it seems every week. Just last week in the Lancaster Sunday Newspaper there was a mini education on some social media opportunities such as…….

1. Path- A social journal like a mini facebook

2. Thefancy.com – A social shopping service full of things you can buy.

3. A social media app called GetGlue that hooks you up with tv shows, books, games and movies.

4. And how about this, social apps that get you connected to people within walking distance such as Banjo, Localmind and Glancee.

5. Pinterest is breaking all kinds of records in growth. It allows people to share their pictures with each other and more.

6. And did you notice I didn’t even mention the usual suspects like Facebook, Twitter and my favorite, LinkedIn?

There are ways to keep this rather simple and spend no more than 15 minutes a day but my suggestion is to sit down with a local Social Media expert in the Lancaster, York, Harrisburg
area to learn what you really need to do as much as what not to do!!

Social Media is not going to go away and for those that get on board, they will rise above their competition and quite possibly put them out of business.

One thing you can do today if you haven’t done it already is to claim your free Google Places Listing and if you don’t know how to do it, let me know. I will get you started in your local social media campaign??

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