24 May 2012

Social Media in Lancaster, Pa

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Are you using blogging and social media in Lancaster, Pa to grow your local business?

After many years as a sales trainer and an online and offline marketer, if there was one thing I would advise people to do to get great results it would be ” don’t put all your eggs in one basket”.

I think you know what I mean.

Successful marketing will NOT just be social media marketing. It won’t be just blogging. It won’t be just a direct mail campaign, it’s going to be some of all of these and more.

So as much as social media is the ‘New kid on the block” [and is here to stay] don’t neglect other things you can do or is already working for you.

I DO love social media. It has been very good to me and will be for you too, but I have helped my clients with simple postcards that have generated a tremendous response along with many other online and offline systems we use to get more business for our clients.

I wrote this to encourage you so that if you haven’t conquered social media in Lancaster pa or wherever you live, don’t sweat it. Find someone to do what you won’t get done and concentrate on your skill level.

Ok, time for bed!!

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