15 Nov 2010

Sales Coaching

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I love everything about sales, even the rejection but that’s a whole other article for another time.

This little bit of sales coaching is about personal growth. There is tons of info on personal growth to read and put into practice and today I really only want to make one point.

And here is the ONE POINT…..

When a sales person comes to me for help and pays the price in time and money as compared to the one who was “Sent”, there is a 90% difference in the success rate. We need to want it in our heart. We need to sacrifice something and we need to be eager to do so.

Being the best we can be can be painful but that should be ok with you. Why? Because if it wasn’t everybody could do your job and chances are there would be no job. Certainly no big paydays.

So for those who make a decision to reach out for sales coaching and help, I think you are the cream of the crop! Reach out and grow, just like all the top golf pro’s do.

Thanks for being here and I’ll see you at the top!!

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