17 Oct 2010

Sales Coaching- Who Needs It?

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As a Professional Sales Coach for over 25 years, I have worked with 1000’s of sales people.

Some believe in sales coaching 100%, while others go it alone.

Interestingly enough, the ones who want training are the ones who are doing fairly well. The ones who don’t do anything are the ones who try to tell me all the great “angles” they use to make a sale. [even though they haven’t made a sell in weeks..or longer!

Remember that old saying, “the teacher will appear when the student is ready”? Well, it’s sad to say but for many the teacher never gets to come.

But for the wise, they “seek” the teacher and invest time and money to grow themselves.

I remember when I first became a salesman. After getting beat up for way too long, I looked for help and plucked down 1000’s of dollars for professional sales training. I was [and still am] a sponge for knowledge. Sale and Marketing is a passion for me. I eat it up. I get excited. If you don’t feel that way, it’s ok but don’t expect too much in the way of success. farm it out to have someone else do it and do what YOU love. There is no problem with that.

However, if you do want to be the best you can be at selling, do what the best people do and get a coach. Alll the great golfers have a coach. No matter how good they get, they have a coach. Why should you and I be any different.

Now I really want you to think about that but more importantly, I want you to take action and get a coach. If you need help finding one that fits you, let me know. I will point you in the right direction. It may not be me or my schedule will not allow it but it’s up to you to make it happen.

Are you going to take action? Don’t leave this post until you either say Yes or No. No is fine. You made a decision. Saying, “I need to think it over” is NOT fine. You have had plenty of time to have thought about this.

Finally, I know I came down hard on you today, look at it as “tough Love”. I want the best for you and I want you to take action.

My good friend, the ball is now in your court!! My best to YOU!!

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