15 Nov 2007

More on PPC [pay per click]

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Well, my son was all set [along with his wife!!] to bring in to this world his 1st son but it didn’t happen…..yet. Sometime tonight we should get the call. So, I am here doing what I love to do and that is bring you marketing tips I learn or find with other great marketers. PPC Riches always has great info. Taks a look and see if this can help you with bringing in new traffic and more business!

It is important to bid high when you start a campaign to insure your ads quickly hit the top 5th-8th positions. The first 50-300 clicks, depending on price point, commissions, and CPC will be easy tests you can use to find out which keywords are going to be profitable for you. It will also show you how your PPC ads are converting.

Even if you lose money at first – It is important to see how your keywords and ads are performing.

Then, you are going to want to obviously turn off any keywords that are clearly not profitable and then slowly decrease your bid amounts by 10%-20% every 50-100 clicks until your traffic reaches ideally, 200% ROI.

So for every 50-100 clicks – Decrease your bid 10-20%

One of my friends said he would easily spend $600.00 to make his first $200.00 in sales – Just to test which keywords and ads are actually profitable. This is a very important test because many times, keywords you thought would be profitable for you, actually won’t be.

Stay away from starting your campaign with a low PPC bid on your keywords and then slowly raising it until you get traffic. We’ve conducted several tests and most of the time this strategy is a very dangerous way to get yourself stuck with low quality scores and low ad positions!!

Give these ideas a test and see how they work for you. Hopefully, you will start seeing increased traffic to your site and a higher Quality Score.

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