26 Jan 2011

Marketing in Lancaster, Pa

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Most of my clients need local marketing in Lancaster, Pa or other local towns. What’s the best use of their marketing dollars?

Well, for this short writing..forget marketing dollars. The ideas below are free!!

Today I taught a group how to claim their free listing on Google places. I went on to say that if they didn’t claim their Google listing, someone else may. Not good.

Just type in Google Places and follow the directions. Yes, there are secret tricks to get listed higher and I will gladly share them with anyone who asks.

Other local marketing ides are to make sure you are listed in all the free listings like yellow pages. You can request a list from me and I will get it to you. There are always new ones.

Don’t forget Free Press releases.

Here is a place where you can see the 50 top ones.


One I like is www.prweb.com

Also, check out radio websites and tv stations who will let you post on their sites.

And finally, just because I am marketing in Lancaster, Pa for several of my clients, that doesn’t mean I can’t write national articles and mention local marketing.

One of the places I submit my articles is www.ezinearticles.com

I love this site and send articles there often. Then those who need fresh content for there sites pick them up and that is more back links for my clients which gives their site a better ranking.

Now it’s your turn to get busy.

Good luck and as usual, I am here when you need me!!

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