07 Jul 2013

LinkedIn Training- Video and Keywords

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The training I did last week on LinkedIn spun off some great questions.

Here is one from Dennis who was at the LinkedIn for Business training.


The LinkedIn on training was great! Thank you.
I have a question about video: can I use my Android to shoot the videos? Or do
I need to use a camera?
If I can use my Droid, how do I enter keywords before I upload it to YouTube?

As for shooting video’s on your Android, here are the simple steps.

1. You must have a YouTube channel
2. After shooting your video on your phone, click on your share button [let me know if you don’t know what that looks like] and click on YouTube.
3. Now you will see where you can put your title and description, using your keywords.
4. You will also want to add tags which are additional keywords.
5. Finally, click on the upload button at the top right of your screen.

[you will see a bar showing the progress of the upload for completion]

Tip- keep your videos short [a few minutes or less]. If you need it to be longer, break them up into Part 1, 2,3 etc

Hope this helps and let me know how you made out!!


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