29 Jun 2013

“LinkedIn Light bulbs”

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Yesterday’s Training on “Getting More Business With LinkedIn” was a smashing success. Over 56 Powerpoint Slides of rich content.

It was held in West Chester, Pa.

We had fun with “LinkedIn Light Bulbs”, which were when someone in the audience picked up on something they could immediately put into work on LinkedIn to get more business or make their LinkedIn profile found quicker.

One lady in the audience had over 15 “Light bulb Moments” and won the entire training day for free!

Two people ended up getting their complete registration fee totally refunded!

Lunch was included and a special thanks to Ken LaRosa for organizing the event and making it all possible.

Thx KEN!!!

By the way it sounds, the next “LInkedIn training will be happening again real soon!

All are welcome who want to take advantage of this wonderful platform
to grow your business and contact base so that business is coming to you instead of chasing it down the street.

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