09 Jul 2013

LinkedIn Connections

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Some of my students from a recent class I taught on

“How to Use LinkedIn for Business”

started implementing some of the action steps.

One of the actions was to start connecting on LinkedIn but
doing it correctly and with a personal touch.

You will see two LinkedIn tips below.

Can you spot them and more importantly, are you doing them?

Below is the note I sent to my LinkedIn Student.

Hi there,

Good job on connecting!!

Remember to make it personal, take out the default info
and build personal relationships.

Get in the habit of doing some updates, ask questions, stir up some response.
I am doing that with some of the great questions like yours and asking within groups that I am in, related questions so I can interact and also learn some new things.

That is how it works.

Here is a question you could post- Recently a man ask me this question “Is it still possible for a 60 year old man to develop “six pack abs”?

And then you can either give the answer or ask others what they think or do both.

Let me know what you think but take action today!!

My best to YOU,


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