25 Aug 2012

Kitchen Remodeling – How Would You Search ?

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I do testing for clients all the time and have some pretty in depth tools I use for finding and testing keywords that people search for.

Once in a while, I like to go straight to the actual people who do searches and ask them.

So here goes. My client has a website, www.LancasterKitchens.net The actual name of the company is Kitchen Encounters.

What they are well known for, among other skills is “Remodeling Kitchens”.

Here is the question. Which of the following would you tend to type into the search engine?

Kitchen remodeling Lancaster

Lancaster Kitchen Remodeling

Lancaster Kitchen Remodeler’s

Or something else?

And if you lived in the Lancaster Pa area would you type in the Pa for the state?

Just let me know and I will tell you what the keyword tools are saying!!

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