Join Our Local Internet Marketing Class

I am forming an internet marketing class locally that will meet to learn how to use the internet to grow your current business or for individuals who want to earn their living on the internet.

No experience is needed to be a part of this select group but membership will be very limited.

Tools will be provided, instruction and you will have the opportunity to be in a group with a project that will have the opportunity of earning income on the internet. Each person will play a part in the project and reap a percentage of the rewards.

If you would like to see if there are seats available, call me, Austin Helsel at 717 330-1850 or email me at

There is no cost for the early Charter Members but there will be a monthly charge for membership in the future. The 1st 30 who register will be the only ones included at this time.

You will be considered a charter member with specific advantages and have 1st rights to internet profit projects we do as a group.