12 Jul 2013

How to Sell on LinkedIn…….And How NOT to Sell

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Our Last LinkedIn Training Class continues to be quite lively, asking super great questions.

Here is another one with my response.

Thx Sean,

This is a particularly great question from Sean. Read the question and then see my response below it.


Thanks Austin the class was very helpful and I am passing your name along to another who may be interested in your service.

My question is : Is it helpful to send out messages to all of your contacts with information that may be helpful to them about your own particular business?

(to create awareness and perhaps eventual business—example—send out commentary about future interest rates or an interesting program to purchase investment properties)

Ie: how do you use linked in to indirectly or directly solicit business?



This is a tricky one but I have the answer for you.

While we do want to get business from LinkedIn, our first goal is to a trusted source of helpful information.
There are two kinds of information we will talk about here. One is related to your business and the other one is NOT.

Here’s a sales rule to follow- If you look like you are a salesman, you are doing something wrong.

So, if I start off my new relationship with…”here are some great things about my product” [and how they can help you],

That is NOT the best way.

If I seek out ways to help them, and here’s is the “Ninja Secret”, a totally unrelated way that would relate to your business,
you now look like someone who is not just looking for a sale.

Example- I know that Google offers free grants up to 40,000 dollars monthly per family or more to help non profits
gain new donors, market themselves, find volunteers, etc.

So, I sent out that info to the YMCA with NO strings attached. helpful info unrelated to me “Getting Business”.

What happened? They asked me to come in and talk to them of which I did.
What are we first trying to do? Yes, build relationships and bringing value.

Will you always get new business? Do hitters always hit a home run? You get the point.

Success is when people just have to ask you “so, what do you do?” or thanks so much for helping us, how can we give you business!

This is when it becomes really fun!! And you can do it.

If you want to be just a touch more aggressive, you can sign your name as you normally do but add a bit to it.


Most respectfully,

Austin Helsel, LinkedIn trainer

or………………Kitchen remodeling Specialist

or ……………..Specializing in Mortgages for Doctors

or……………..Whatever you want THIS person to know about you

As you might guess, I could go on for quite a while but let’s see what comments come back from the group
from this “extensive answer”


Again, special thx to Sean, Dennis and others who are asking great questions!!


My Best to YOU!!


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