19 Sep 2008

How To Lose Customers And Not Even Know It

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Recently I went into a jewelry retail store with a client who wanted to put a small amount of brochures in the store to promote his business. He was also in the market to possibly buy some jewelry for his wife. The owner showed him some nice pieces and my client talked about bringing his wife to the store for her to look around.

The store was empty of customers and the jewelry was expensive. She needed all the customers she could get.

When my client, who I was training, asked if he could put a few brochures somewhere in the store she quickly said, No, I don’t want anything like that in my store.

Well, that didn’t exactly make my client want to rush his wife to the store to fill this owner’s pockets with their money.

Needless to say, the owner lost a very good prospect and potential long term customer. We will never know how much income was lost, but it was some amount and how many other prospects has this lady turned off? One is too many.

Here is a few lessons that can be learned from this situation. First, treat everyone with the highest of respect, especially vendors trying to sell you something. They see many people in the course of a week. Do you want them saying negative things about the way they were treated?
Next, be on the look out on how you can help others. Allowing my client to leave a few brochures in her store would not have caused her any harm and possibly helped him a great deal.
And finally, follow the golden rule. It’s not that hard. Do unto others as you would have others do unto you.

Practice every opportunity to find ways to be kind and generous, there is never a bad time to do it.

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