27 Sep 2008

He Said, “I’m Not Interested!”

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Recently I was out on a prospecting call. As soon as they small businees owner saw that I was not there to buy anything from him, he quickly said he was not interested.

Not Interested In What?

This small minded small business owner had no idea how offensive he was. He was purely self centered and had just one thought….what I was going to buy from him.

Do you think I will be buying anything from him? Or referring anyone to him?

What Could He Have Done?

He could have politely told me that he was happy with who he was using or any number of respectful ways to thank me for coming in but heis decision is final.

He was so quick on the draw that he hardly knew what I was even there to talk to him about at another time.

Treat everyone as you would want to be treated and you can gain new business without spending a dime.

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