15 Apr 2012

Goal Setting Today

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Does goal setting get you down or pump you up? It’s different for many of us but if you are one of the ones that look at it as a chore and also scary, then read on.
I will make this short today but goal setting does not have to be such a big deal
if we break it down into a daily goal and then an hourly goal, it is much easier to swallow and succeed with. So for right now if you haven’t set a goal for your next work day, do it now. Don’t over do it, get some success going with some simple and easy goals. Reward yourself with a brand new car… ok, I was just kidding but maybe a great glass of iced tea and move up from there.
The point is, you probably have gotten off track setting goals so start now, start slow and see yourself with a whole lot more to show for the day!!
Good luck!!

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