20 Nov 2014

Getting New Customers

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Are You Looking For More Customers?

Most business owners are always on the look out of new and efficient ways to bring in new customers.

A few are pretty good at it but for small business owners, they just don’t have the time to
become a marketing expert and keep up with all the Panda and Penguin changes Google offers.

With the yellow pages being a thing of the past, what should a business with a limited budget do?

Traditional advertising still works if you really know how to test and track it.

Online Marketing has become popular and for good reason. Being able to instantly [today]
reach the exact demographic you want to reach and be able to test it BEFORE spending alot
of your marketing dollars is a huge benefit.

Being seen locally or by the millions is no longer an issue. With Facebook,
Google, LinkedIn, Twitter and more, the sky is NOT the limit.

Even small budgets are able to find out what works and then do more of it with very little risk.

One of the first steps I do with clients is help them understand what the true value
is of every customer and then look at what the best marketing avenues will best serve them.

Some of tools are free. For instance, Google will help you get on the front page of Google.
They love Local businesses. Google loves YouTube and in fact, they own YouTube so they
favor videos. Videos that you can do yourself!

Have you listed your business in all the free Directories? These are called citations
and point right back to your site.
Very cool.

Business owners have never had it so good. Google even has a free Keyword tool that helps
you plan and shows what is being searched for.

For the past 25 years, I have helped small business owners reach their goals.

For a free consultation, call me and lets chat about your business.

I am here for you,
Austin Helsel
717 330 1850 est.

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