21 Nov 2007


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Focus! You hear about it all the time. recently I was with a client who had tons of ideas to grow his business. And to top it off… all of them were good ones. What to do? Where to start? Whether you have a large budget or a small one, start with the path of least resistance. Go to the one idea that you believe is the one you would most like to see happen. Layout a plan just for that one idea and then get started. Don’t worry if you miss out on another “money maker”. You know you have plenty of ideas so finish one by taking it to success or failure as quickly as possible.

You will find that you will get 10 times more done doing it this way. Many times it is simply fear of losing out that keeps us jumping from one idea to the next.


Forget about it! If you are trying ideas and finding out what does NOT work, you are succeeding in your process. The only failure I know of is quitting.

So, pick your best guess as to the best idea to start with and……….START. That is what most people never do.


Many times it’s a great idea to have someone to keep you on track. Maybe it’s a friend who can be firm with you or a small business consultant who you report to and actually becomes a partner with you.

Whatever you do, follow thru and if you find yourself not moving forward, ask yourself specifically what is it that is holding you back. Write it down with all your options. This again is where your firm friend or consultant can really help you stay on track and reach the success that is waiting for you. Good Luck!

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