04 Oct 2008

Focus Pocus- One Minute Tip #3

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How often do you think about focus?

I mean really think about it. I am told that some baseball players can see the threads of the ball at 90 miles per hour as it comes toward the plate.

Now that’s focus. Or how about a shooter or a golfer? They simply do not let themselves get distracted. Thet can’t afford to.

What about you?

Do you treat your business in a focused manner? Or do you pull out the shotgun and see what you will hit each day?

There is no good arguments saying that focus is hocus pocus but there is plenty of evidence that it helps.

Now comes the work.

What can you focus on in your business? I mean today. What is the one thing that is very important, infact the most important task you need to work on or complete?

Write it down. Go ahead, stop reading and write it down.Now tell someone your goal and ask them to check up on you at the end ofthe day.

Do you see how this will improve your effectiveness big time?

I have never seen it not work. Will you do it? Of course you will. You are a winner and that means you get things done.

So now you know the simple steps and how focusing on focus is one of the keys to your success

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