02 Jul 2011

Fireworks for Your Business

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As I write this, it is nearing the 4th of July Holiday and all kinds of fireworks will be going off to celebrate our great country. Enjoy and be safe!!

What kind of fireworks are going off with your business? What “buzz” is happening that your customers are excited about?

It takes some effort to not just do the daily grind and almost mindlessly going through each day.

This week when the fireworks are all done, ignite some fireworks for your business. Think about what would thrill your customers. What could you do that’s little but means alot? Like, maybe a few surprise thank you hand written notes to your clients to express your gratitude.
There are tons of simple ideas and if you can’t think of any, ask me and I will give you a bunch.

Ok, that’s it for now. Happy 4th of July!!!!!XO?XO!!@XO

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