07 Jun 2013

Understanding Facebook Ads

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I run ongoing profitable Facebook Ads for Kitchen Remodel companies, local construction businesses, hearing aid establishments and many more. There is a right way and an expensive wrong way to run Facebook or Google Adword Campaigns.

Below is an explanation to help you run profitable ads.

Facebook Ad Choices
There are four types:

1. Marketplace Ads
If you are familiar with Facebook ads, you might remember when the social platform offered only one ad option. This is the marketplace ad and it is still one of the most popular choices. It allows a headline, small blurb of copy and a corresponding image.

2. Sponsored Stories
Sponsored stories give advertisers the opportunity to promote any offer, post or app, as well as entice people to “Like” their Pages.
These ads work differently than marketplace ads because they utilize your fans and friends of fans to spread your content throughout Facebook.
Sponsored Stories are effective because they operate by taking advantage of what we call “social proof.”
Example: Your friend goes on vacation and comes back raving about the hotel at which he stayed. He “likes” the hotel’s Facebook Page and talks about his awesome experience in a Facebook status telling his friends they have to visit. You, a trusted friend, will take the recommendation seriously more than you would if the hotel itself told you how wonderful the place was. When we see the people we trust liking an activity or recommending a product, we are more apt to take the plunge and try it. This explains the crux of how Sponsored Stories works.
If a Facebook user mentions your Page, you can promote these stories to friends of this user who are not yet connected to your Page. Once your friend “liked” the hotel Page, if the hotel was running a sponsored story ad, you would most likely see this “liking action” and as a result be compelled to “Like” the hotel’s Facebook Page as well.

Should you use Sponsored Stories?
Use this ad when you want to increase the “Likes” to your Page. For best results, it is recommended to only use it when you already have a substantial amount of fans.
Sponsored Stories can also promote a specific post from your Page. You can choose from a variety of recent posts.

Sponsored Stories center on the principle of engagement and sharing. When you run these ads, you are essentially advertising the activities of your fans, whether they “Like” or engage with a post, event, app, etc.

3. Page Post Ads
Running a webinar? Promoting an event? Have an engaging Facebook post you want to advertise?
If so, you may want to promote your post to a wider audience. These posts advertise to anyone within your target audience.

When clicked, it opens up into the original post:

Note: Though this ad promotes a Page post, it is not the same as Sponsored Stories because it does not target people via engagement actions. Page Post Ads target anyone on Facebook within the demographic you suggest for the ads regardless of whether they are connected to your Page. Sponsored Stories only advertises to the friends of your fans, not a targeted demographic.
Tip: Page Post Ads are effective when you want to advertise an event, app, or special post to a large audience that is not currently connected to your Page. This type of ad isn’t recommended when you want to increase your fan count.

4. Promoted Posts
Promoted posts are completely different than Sponsored Stories and Page Post Ads. Even though they all have the potential to promote a specific post, they vary in definition.
Take a look at the posts you created for your Facebook Page. On the bottom of each one, you will see a number that signifies the number of people who saw the post. On average, this number is much lower than your fan count, which means not all of your fans see your posts. In fact, only a small percentage of your fans may see them.
Promoted posts allow you to increase your exposure to a larger percentage of your fans. You can launch this promotion directly from the post that is located on your Page, not the advertising panel where the previous ads are located.

I hope this has given you encouragement that you can be successful running facebook Ads locally in Lancaster, Pa or anywhere you choose.

Good Luck!

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