24 Dec 2014

Email Marketing for Small Businesses

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Another year is winding down for business owners and your clients.

How well did you do staying in touch?

If you are like most small businesses, just keeping up with day to day
pressures is all you felt like you could do. I get it and understand.

BUT……… here’s the rub.

Some competitor of yours is going after your customers, maybe as you read this!!

Not good.

So, what should we do for 2015 and beyond?

Let’s plan to set up an email system using autoresponders. In case that term is foreign
to you, it’s simply a pre-planned sequence of emails that can be set up in one day for the
whole year.

Keep it simple and stay in touch with both customers as well as your pipeline of prospects.

You do have a large pipeline of prospects, don’t you? [If not, we need to talk]

Ok, the next obvious question might be “How do I set up these autoresponders”?

Good question. Lucky for you, the answer and tools are inexpensive and easy to use.

Autoresponders- Aweber and Getresponse are both great choices for about $20.00-$30.00 a month.

You can set up as many email responses as you like and have them automatically go out whenever you want.

No need to think about it all year. Pretty cool.

So, you now have the tools but what are you gonna write?

Lucky for you again, that’s a piece of cake.

Keep in mind, these emails are short and simple.
And the main rule to remember, NO HARD SELLING.

These emails are used for 2 Main Reasons.

1. To stay in front of them

2. To give value and build trust.

Sales will come, I promise you that.

So, what to write?

holiday wishes
instructional video’s
company news
special sales
new products or services
case studies
success stories
local news
famous quotes
and much more.

Next steps-
1.set aside a few hours to organize you list. Prospects and clients.

2. Get set up with one of the autoresponder companies

3. Write out your emails

4. Schedule the emails to go out either weekly or monthly

5. Get ready for new business with out any additional costs!!

If you have never done this consistently, you are in for a real treat.

And let me know if you have any questions and how it’s working!!

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