02 Jul 2012

Cold Calls- What are your thoughts?

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Recently, I read thru a hotly debated discussion that started out about whether we should do any cold calls

and if they are profitable. It was quite a heated discussion and it got really ugly with the comments I saw flying back and forth.

Below is what I wrote and I encourage you to add your insight as well.

Greeting’s to everyone!!

Wow! What a lively discussion.

I appreciate all the passion form both sides of the fence.

I am a professional Sales Coach and have been highly trained. I have been helping thousands of sales people for over 30 years.

I would like to offer a few suggestions that may help in this discussion as well as for future issues we all face.

1. How we disagree with a person is just as important or more so than whether we are correct in our thinking Honoring the other person should come first.
2. If we stoop to the level of bad language or degrading the other person, how will that help you win your point? Who would listen?
3. In reality, one sales rule is to “Never defend”. We have all learned that we really can’t change people unless they want to change.
4. There is a verse that says “Don’t throw pearls to the swine” If you have “golden nuggets” and another cannot absorb them. Move on quickly for both of your sake.

5. On a practical level about cold calls.

A. It is good to make cold calls for several reasons. One, being you can start right now. Also, it helps you refine your 30 second commercial, the more you say it. This is how many sales people have to start out.

B. Cold calls are normally for setting the appointment after you have qualified or disqualified the prospect. If you do need to “sell” over the phone, then after bonding and re-pore has been established, then the sales process could start.

C. I never do the closing, I let the prospect close themselves with a series of questions.

D. Cold calls are NOT the best use of our time once we learn how to generate leads. Most of us believe that we are good or great “closing” and you are worth much more doing that, rather than “finding the person to sell to.
I hire people to open doors for me if I want to use the phone.
I would much rather have people calling me than “finding people”

I could write more on this but I think you get the points.

1. Don’t bother arguing, state your belief once. You will quickly see the kind of person you are talking to and and then guard your time.
2. Cold calls make us better and appreciate those who make them for us
3. Learn how to market yourself and get referrals so you do what you are best at, closing business, not “finding people”
4. Finally, ask yourself after a conversation- “Did we both win and learn something”?
If you don’t see it going in that direction, thank them for their time and move on.

I hope this helps and my best to everyone of you. Increase your professional level today.


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