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Motivating Yourself

I like things that move me into becoming better. Some sayings can be a bit corny while others are profound. It may be both or neither depending on what is going on in our lives. Anyway, read thru these and see if you can use a few to help you along life’s journey! Here they […]

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Nothing To Do With Marketing

Yes, I do eat, sleep and breathe tons of ways to help you with your marketing and sales questions but today I write about saving money on gas. My brother Tim sent this to me from a reliable source and I thought it could be helpful to you.       WHEN BUYING GAS… I don’t know what […]

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It Happened!

It’s a BOY! All 8 lbs. 12 ozs. Jordan Alejandro Helsel. All are doing fine and home, resting. I know this “news” has nothing to do with marketing but I am a proud “Poppy” and that is the way it is! Want to see some pictures? Ok, I’ll stop for now but don’t be surprised […]

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