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Google Gives us Some Answers About Google Places/Google Plus

This information that came from Google. “All service area businesses should be creating a Google Places page since at this time we are only supporting traditional storefront businesses for the Local Google Plus page upgrades. If the business owners are meeting clients by appointment only at an office or residential location, please make sure that […]

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Facebook “Unlikes” and What You Can Do

How to Track People Who Unliked a Page on Facebook It’s one thing to get “likes” on the Facebook Page but if you are losing a few too many, here is some tips to help you on your Facebook Page. By Andrea Ruiz, eHow Contributor A spreadsheet can help you track who likes and un-likes […]

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Kitchen Remodeling – How Would You Search ?

I do testing for clients all the time and have some pretty in depth tools I use for finding and testing keywords that people search for. Once in a while, I like to go straight to the actual people who do searches and ask them. So here goes. My client has a website, The […]

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One of my clients is and we are running some Adword Campaigns to test some keywords. A common mistake is to send ads to the main website page. What Google appreciates is making sure the searcher gets what they are searching for. So, rather than listing a keyword phrase like kitchen photo’s or kitchen […]

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Kitchen Remodeling in Lancaster Pa.

Hey Folks! You might be asking what does Kitchen remodeling have to do with marketing or social media or sales tips you see on this blog but the truth of the matter is, any company such as a company like fully knows in order to run and grow their business, this is what it’s […]

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Local SEO

One of my new clients recently told me that his website does not bring in any new customers. Basically, they use the site to tell current clients or prospects, when they get one, to go and check them out. Pretty much what a nice looking brochure would do. So, what we are doing now is […]

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Email Marketing

Hello to all!! I just rec’d an email about the success of email marketing. I use constant contact for my clients to help them stay in front of their clients and close more sales. Here is an example. Local email marketing really works… I setup a Constant Contact account, uploaded his client list and started […]

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Cold Calls- What are your thoughts?

Recently, I read thru a hotly debated discussion that started out about whether we should do any cold calls and if they are profitable. It was quite a heated discussion and it got really ugly with the comments I saw flying back and forth. Below is what I wrote and I encourage you to add […]

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Social Media in Columbia, Pa?

Can Social Media work in a little town like Columbia,Pa? Some of my clients have asked me if there is a way to use social media in a small town? Well, the quick answer is….. Yes you can!! You can use Social Media in Columbia, pa or anywhere else for that matter. Don’t worry about […]

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Social Media in Lancaster, Pa

Are you using blogging and social media in Lancaster, Pa to grow your local business? After many years as a sales trainer and an online and offline marketer, if there was one thing I would advise people to do to get great results it would be ” don’t put all your eggs in one basket”. […]

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