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Top Ten Content Marketing Strategies

This tells us we are right on track with what we are doing for our clients According to the Content Marketing Institute, the top 10 B2B content marketing strategies are: Social Media Articles on the business’s website eNewsletters Blogs Case studies Videos Articles on other websites In-person events Whitepapers Webinars Let me know if you […]

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How to Sell on LinkedIn…….And How NOT to Sell

Our Last LinkedIn Training Class continues to be quite lively, asking super great questions. Here is another one with my response. Thx Sean, This is a particularly great question from Sean. Read the question and then see my response below it. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Thanks Austin the class was very helpful and I am passing your name […]

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LinkedIn Connections

Some of my students from a recent class I taught on “How to Use LinkedIn for Business” started implementing some of the action steps. One of the actions was to start connecting on LinkedIn but doing it correctly and with a personal touch. You will see two LinkedIn tips below. Can you spot them and […]

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LinkedIn Training- Video and Keywords

The training I did last week on LinkedIn spun off some great questions. Here is one from Dennis who was at the LinkedIn for Business training. Austin, The LinkedIn on training was great! Thank you. I have a question about video: can I use my Android to shoot the videos? Or do I need to […]

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Google Plus- Take Advantage of It!

If you are serious about Local marketing in Lancaster Pa or anywhere, for that matter, learn how to Take advantage of Google Plus. It’s Free!! When it comes time to creating a marketing plan, you either know what you’re doing, or you don’t. You either know which steps to take and what works best or […]

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SEO Tips For Your Website

Make sure your site is search engine compliant, and be sure your SEO content is unique, fresh and interesting. Update your content often. Provide true, correct and interesting content, using your selected keywords. And always remember…it doesn’t have to be your home page which reaches the top in the search engines. Each page within you […]

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What Are Your Strengths?

How long has it been since you stopped and thought about your strengths? How much of your time is “working on” your weaknesses? What do you think very successful people focus on? I am sure you guessed correctly. Focus on Your Strengths! Take just one day and write down all you do, hour by hour. […]

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Google Gives us Some Answers About Google Places/Google Plus

This information that came from Google. “All service area businesses should be creating a Google Places page since at this time we are only supporting traditional storefront businesses for the Local Google Plus page upgrades. If the business owners are meeting clients by appointment only at an office or residential location, please make sure that […]

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Facebook “Unlikes” and What You Can Do

How to Track People Who Unliked a Page on Facebook It’s one thing to get “likes” on the Facebook Page but if you are losing a few too many, here is some tips to help you on your Facebook Page. By Andrea Ruiz, eHow Contributor A spreadsheet can help you track who likes and un-likes […]

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One of my clients is and we are running some Adword Campaigns to test some keywords. A common mistake is to send ads to the main website page. What Google appreciates is making sure the searcher gets what they are searching for. So, rather than listing a keyword phrase like kitchen photo’s or kitchen […]

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