09 Apr 2012

Have you ever “Pinged” your blog?

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I was just given a “secret code” ZEKWZQ2FVXMQ to ping my blog. If you want people to know when you have updated your blog, you need to learn more about pinging. Let me know if you need some help or just Google “pinging”

09 Apr 2012

Social Media Lancaster Pa

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Do you have a business in the Lancaster, Pa. area that needs more leads? Have you tried to use social media locally? Has it been confusing to tie in local marketing using the internet?

There are more and more choices it seems every week. Just last week in the Lancaster Sunday Newspaper there was a mini education on some social media opportunities such as…….

1. Path- A social journal like a mini facebook

2. Thefancy.com – A social shopping service full of things you can buy.

3. A social media app called GetGlue that hooks you up with tv shows, books, games and movies.

4. And how about this, social apps that get you connected to people within walking distance such as Banjo, Localmind and Glancee.

5. Pinterest is breaking all kinds of records in growth. It allows people to share their pictures with each other and more.

6. And did you notice I didn’t even mention the usual suspects like Facebook, Twitter and my favorite, LinkedIn?

There are ways to keep this rather simple and spend no more than 15 minutes a day but my suggestion is to sit down with a local Social Media expert in the Lancaster, York, Harrisburg
area to learn what you really need to do as much as what not to do!!

Social Media is not going to go away and for those that get on board, they will rise above their competition and quite possibly put them out of business.

One thing you can do today if you haven’t done it already is to claim your free Google Places Listing and if you don’t know how to do it, let me know. I will get you started in your local social media campaign??

30 Mar 2012

Check this out. Click the Banner Below.

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29 Mar 2012

Are You a Professional?

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Sometimes it takes some courage to ask ourselves the tough questions but winners do and if you are reading this, I know you are a winner!!

Are You a Professional? How you look, talk, write, act and work determines whether you are a professional or an amateur. Society does not emphasize the importance of professionalism, so people tend to believe that amateur work is normal. Many businesses accept less-than-good results.Schools graduate students who cannot read. You can miss 15% of the driving-test answers and still get a driver license. “Just getting by” is an attitude many people accept. But it is the attitude of amateurs.”Don’t ever do anything as though you were an amateur.”Anything you do, do it as a Professional to Professional standards.”If you have the idea about anything you do that you just dabble in it, you will wind up with a dabble life. There’ll be no satisfaction in it because there will be no real production you can be proud of.”Develop the frame of mind that whatever you do, you are doing it as a professional and move up to professional standards in it.”Never let it be said of you that you lived an amateur life.”Professionals see situations and they handle what they see. They are not amateur dabblers.”So learn this as a first lesson about life. The only successful beings in any field, including living itself, are those who have a professional viewpoint and make themselves and ARE professionals” A professional learns every aspect of the job. An amateur skips the learning process whenever possible.A professional carefully discovers what is needed and wanted. An amateur assumes what others need and want.A professional looks, speaks and dresses like a professional. An amateur is sloppy in appearance and speech.A professional keeps his or her work area clean and orderly. An amateur has a messy, confused or dirty work area.A professional is focused and clear-headed. An amateur is confused and distracted.A professional does not let mistakes slide by. An amateur ignores or hides mistakes.A professional jumps into difficult assignments. An amateur tries to get out of difficult work.A professional completes projects as soon as possible. An amateur is surrounded by unfinished work piled on top of unfinished work.A professional remains level-headed and optimistic. An amateur gets upset and assumes the worst.A professional handles money and accounts very carefully. An amateur is sloppy with money or accounts.A professional faces up to other people’s upsets and problems. An amateur avoids others’ problems.A professional uses higher emotional tones: Enthusiasm, cheerfulness, interest, contentment. An amateur uses lower emotional tones: anger, hostility, resentment, fear, victim.A professional persists until the objective is achieved. An amateur gives up at the first opportunity.A professional produces more than expected. An amateur produces just enough to get by.A professional produces a high-quality product or service. An amateur produces a medium-to-low quality product or service.A professional earns high pay. An amateur earns low pay and feels it’s unfair.A professional has a promising future. An amateur has an uncertain future.The first step to making yourself a professional is to decide you ARE a professional. Are you a professional?

25 Mar 2012

QR Codes- Be Careful of Scammers!!

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QR bar codes [Quick Response] are now being used by scammers in a variety of ways.

These are those patch’s you see that look like square checkerboards and appear in ads and on websites among other places. They can be accessed by anyone who has a smartphone camera.
Scammers are taking a good thing and making it bad by creating these QR codes that steal information or send text messages prompting you to call a number that can put charges on an account of yours.
Fake QR codes are also being put on over legitimate QR Codes and like many cheaters in the world, they are really good at it.
Keep a close I on anything that is meant for good, someone will try to use it for harm, an unfortunate part of life.

17 Mar 2012

The Acid Test for Writing Headlines

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I was looking through some of my “keep files” on my computer

and below is a good one I thought could be helpful to some of you.

David Ogilvy’s 5 Point Acid Test for Headlines

Often referred to as “The Father of Advertising”, David Ogilvy
was known for his creative prowess and his insistent focus
on the “Big Idea” behind every marketing promotion.

His uncanny ability to seize marketplace attention and have
that attention translated into an abundance of sales for products,
earned him the title of “the most sought-after wizard in today’s
advertising industry”, by Time Magazine in 1962.

And, even though Mr. Ogilvy passed away in July, 1999 at the
ripe age of 88, his marketing and advertising discoveries
continue to live on through the many successful promotions
and campaigns influenced and shaped by his genius.

What was the SECRET behind his ability to develop and
spot winning promotion after winning promotion??

Well, there were several things.

Let me share just one with you here:

Because David Ogilvy understood the acute importance
and role of the headline in any and every marketing
piece, he developed and used a 5 Point “Headline Acid Test”
to determine whether a marketing piece truly contained
the desperately needed “Big Idea”.

This same “test” is still used to this very day by marketers
all over the world to radically increase their odds of launching
a fruitful marketing campaign.

It can easily do the same for you.

If you were savvy… like I believe you are… you’ll begin
using this “Acid Test” immediately in your own business
for your own headlines and promotions.

Without further ado, here it is…

David Ogilvy’s 5-Point Headline Acid Test:

1. Did it make me gasp when I first saw it?
2. Do I wish I thought of it myself?
3. Is it unique?
4. Does it fit the strategy to perfection?
5. Can it be used for 30 years?

Now, keep in mind…

Ogilvy’s company didn’t just throw together a headline and
hope it met these essential criteria.

Far from it!

Ogilvy & Mather, his world-famous advertising agency, used
a very methodical and strategic process for coming up with
their winning headlines.

Much of what they did was made famous by marketing legend and
one of advertising’s most effective copywriters, John Caples, in his
perennial marketing books.

And, frankly, that’s why marketing experts like Jay Abraham and
Clayton Makepeace recommend every marketer read Caples’
works every single year… year after year.

Because in the pages of such greats like Caples… and almost
a dozen others… you’ll find the gems of the most effective
marketing principles of yesteryear and today.

Don’t be fooled by the shiny new marketing tactics
and software being peddled online today…

…you’ll find the most effective, time-tested and proven
marketing breakthroughs waiting for you in the annals
of the greats and legends of marketing.

Winston Churchill summed it up best, “The farther backward
you can look, the farther forward you are likely to see.”

I hope you enjoyed this wisdom as I did!!

11 Mar 2012

What are you Feeding Your Mind?

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Read What Brian Tracy Says!!

Are you feeding your mind with good stuff. Stuff that grows you into who you really want to become?

I have several CD programs from the great Brian Tracy that I listen to and they always help……if I put the info into action.

Read this short article and pick out 1-2 things you can do better TODAY.

Go ahead.. I double dog dare you!!

The Power of Discipline By Brian Tracy

Why are some people more successful than others? Why do some people make more money, live happier lives and accomplish much more in the same number of years than the great majority?I started out in life with few advantages. I did not graduate from high school. I worked at menial jobs. I had limited education, limited skills and a limited future.And then I began asking, “Why are some people more successful than others?” This question changed my life.Over the years, I have read thousands of books and articles on the subjects of success and achievement. It seems that the reasons for these accomplishments have been discussed and written about for more than two thousand years, in every conceivable way. One quality that most philosophers, teachers and experts agree on is the importance of self-discipline. As Al Tomsik summarized it years ago, “Success is tons of discipline.”Some years ago, I attended a conference in Washington. It was the lunch break and I was eating at a nearby food fair. The area was crowded and I sat down at the last open table by myself, even though it was a table for four.A few minutes later, an older gentleman and a younger woman who was his assistant came along carrying trays of food, obviously looking for a place to sit.With plenty of room at my table, I immediately arose and invited the older gentleman to join me. He was hesitant, but I insisted. Finally, thanking me as he sat down, we began to chat over lunch.It turned out that his name was Kop Kopmeyer. As it happened, I immediately knew who he was. He was a legend in the field of success and achievement. Kop Kopmeyer had written four large books, each of which contained 250 success principles that he had derived from more than fifty years of research and study. I had read all four books from cover to cover, more than once.After we had chatted for awhile, I asked him the question that many people in this situation would ask, “Of all the one thousand success principles that you have discovered, which do you think is the most important?”He smiled at me with a twinkle in his eye, as if he had been asked this question many times, and replied, without hesitating, “The most important success principle of all was stated by Thomas Huxley many years ago. He said, “Do what you should do, when you should do it, whether you feel like it or not.” He went on to say, “There are 999 other success principles that I have found in my reading and experience, but without self-discipline, none of them work.”Self-discipline is the key to personal greatness. It is the magic quality that opens all doors for you, and makes everything else possible. With self-discipline, the average person can rise as far and as fast as his talents and intelligence can take him. But without self-discipline, a person with every blessing of background, education and opportunity will seldom rise above mediocrity.

12 Jan 2012

Don’t ya Love Great True Stories??

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Pam’s Story

In a recent email, I read about a woman named Pam, who knows the pain of considering abortion. More than 24 years ago, she and her husband Bob were serving as missionaries to the Philippines and praying for a fifth child. Pam contracted amoebic dysentery, an infection of the intestine caused by a parasite found in contaminated food or drink. She went into a coma and was treated with strong antibiotics before they discovered she was pregnant.

Doctors urged her to abort the baby for her own safety and told her that the medicines had caused irreversible damage to her baby. She refused the abortion and cited her Christian faith as the reason for her hope that her son would be born without the devastating disabilities physicians predicted. Pam said the doctors didn’t think of it as a life, they thought of it as a mass of fetal tissue.

While pregnant, Pam nearly lost their baby four times but refused to consider abortion. She recalled making a pledge to God with her husband: If you will give us a son, we’ll name him Timothy and we’ll make him a preacher.

Pam ultimately spent the last two months of her pregnancy in bed and eventually gave birth to a healthy baby boy August 14, 1987. Pam’s youngest son is indeed a preacher. He preaches in prisons, makes hospital visits, and serves with his father’s ministry in the Philippines. He also plays football. Pam’s son is Tim Tebow.

The University of Florida’s star quarterback became the first sophomore in history to win college football’s highest award, the Heisman Trophy. His current role as quarterback of the Denver Broncos has provided an incredible platform for Christian witness. As a result, he is being called The Mile-High Messiah.

Tim’s notoriety and the family’s inspiring story have given Pam numerous opportunities to speak on behalf of women’s centers across the country. Pam Tebow believes that every little baby you save matters. I pray her tribe will increase!

02 Jan 2012

If You Are Reading This Then You Made it to 2012!!!!

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Congrats! You are already ahead of many who did not make into 2012, Bless there souls!

But here you are. Now what are you going to do about it?
Did you set some goals?
For business?
For pleasure?
For personal?
For Spiritual?

Yes? Very good. Now be accountable to someone to get them done.

No? Well what are you waiting for? Go ahead, I will just sit here and wait for you to set your goals.

Go ahead now. I am a patient coach.

Seriously, I want you to do this because I want the best for you.

Keep me up to date with your successes!!

13 Dec 2011

Yes, It’s December and Business Slows Down

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Well, here we are at the end of the year one more time. 2011 is coming to a close. Amazing.
And business does tend to slow down. I am going to another Christmas party tonite and it will be a fun time.

Don’t use the whole month as an excuse not to do anything. I am actually having my 2nd biggest month of the year this month.

Finish strong, Do what you can and still enjoy time with friends and loved ones!!