25 Mar 2013

Google Gives us Some Answers About Google Places/Google Plus

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This information that came from Google.

“All service area businesses should be creating a Google Places page since at this time we are only supporting traditional storefront businesses for the Local Google Plus page upgrades. If the business owners are meeting clients by appointment only at an office or residential location, please make sure that their address is hidden in their Places Dashboard.”

So, please make the needed changes on your page as needed.

26 Sep 2012

Facebook “Unlikes” and What You Can Do

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How to Track People Who
Unliked a Page on Facebook

It’s one thing to get “likes” on the Facebook Page but if you are losing a few too many, here is some tips to help you on your Facebook Page.

By Andrea Ruiz, eHow Contributor

A spreadsheet can help you track who likes and un-likes your Facebook page.
The number of “Likes” your Facebook page receives can be a primary way to gauge the success and popularity of your page. The more fans, or “likes,” your page has, the more people with whom you can share your content. When your page has a small number of “likes,” you can track who likes and un-likes your page fairly easily. However, as your page’s fan base grows, you may find it more difficult to tell who un-likes your page. By creating and regularly updating a simple spreadsheet of your Facebook page’s fans, you can keep track of exactly who has liked and un-liked your page.
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Log into your Facebook account and navigate to your page’s URL.

Make note of the number of people who have liked your page. Facebook displays this number in the left column under the “About” section, in a large, bold number.

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Click the “People Like This” link in the left column, beneath the number-counter of people who have liked your page. Clicking this link displays all the names of the people who have liked your page, in alphabetical order by first name in a popup box.

Click the box just to the left of the first person’s name. Then, while holding down the mouse button, drag the cursor to the last name on the list, to highlight all the names of the people who have liked your page.

Right-click the highlighted text and select “Copy” in the popup box that appears to copy your entire fan list to your computer’s clipboard.

Launch a text-editor software, such as Microsoft Notepad, and paste your list of fans into a new text document. This removes all images and formatting from Facebook and leaves you with a plain text-based list.

Delete all special characters, such as asterisks, as well as any information below any of your fans’ names that isn’t a name, such as places of employment or university alma maters. Also delete any hard returns between names. You should now have a text-only, single-spaced columnar list of all your page’s Facebook fans.

Copy the list to your computer’s clipboard by clicking “Edit” in the menu, clicking “Select All” in the drop-down menu, right-clicking and selecting “Copy.”

Launch your spreadsheet software. Use Microsoft Excel, the free OpenOffice alternative, Calc, or the free, Web-based spreadsheet application from Google in Google Docs.

Click the first cell of the first column and drag your mouse down as many cells as you have Facebook fans. For example, if your page has 150 fans on Facebook, drag your mouse down to the 150th cell of the first column, highlighting all the previous cells in the same column.

Paste the text list of fans’ names by holding down the “Ctrl” key and pressing the “V” key. Your spreadsheet displays your list of fans as a single column, alphabetized by your fans’ first names.

Save your spreadsheet to your hard drive (or, if using Google Docs, to the Google servers), and give it an easily identifiable document title, such as “Facebook Page Fans.”

Who Unlikes Your Page

Check the “People Like This” number on your Facebook page regularly to see if the number of fans has decreased.

Open your spreadsheet with the list of your Facebook fans.

Repeat the process of creating a new list of your page’s current Facebook fans in Notepad.

Copy the text list to your computer’s clipboard.

Paste the list in the column adjacent to your old list of fans in your spreadsheet.

Compare the two lists. Since they are both in alphabetical order by first name, you’ll be able to see where any missing names are on the new fan list by scrolling down and seeing where the lists stop displaying identical names side by side.

Hope you found this of interest and of help,


Facebook Marketing and Tips

25 Aug 2012

Kitchen Remodeling – How Would You Search ?

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I do testing for clients all the time and have some pretty in depth tools I use for finding and testing keywords that people search for.

Once in a while, I like to go straight to the actual people who do searches and ask them.

So here goes. My client has a website, www.LancasterKitchens.net The actual name of the company is Kitchen Encounters.

What they are well known for, among other skills is “Remodeling Kitchens”.

Here is the question. Which of the following would you tend to type into the search engine?

Kitchen remodeling Lancaster

Lancaster Kitchen Remodeling

Lancaster Kitchen Remodeler’s

Or something else?

And if you lived in the Lancaster Pa area would you type in the Pa for the state?

Just let me know and I will tell you what the keyword tools are saying!!

13 Aug 2012

www.LancasterKitchens.net Google Adwords Tip – Case Study

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One of my clients is www.LancasterKitchens.net and we are running some Adword Campaigns to test some keywords. A common mistake is to send ads to the main website page.

What Google appreciates is making sure the searcher gets what they are searching for. So, rather than listing a keyword phrase like kitchen photo’s or kitchen photo ideas and sending traffic to the main website page, we direct each keyword to the specific page that a searcher would want. In this case, rather than sending the searcher to http://LancasterKitchens.net, we send the traffic to http://lancasterkitchens.net/gallery.php and they will experience what they are looking for.

26 Jul 2012

Kitchen Remodeling in Lancaster Pa.

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Hey Folks!

You might be asking what does Kitchen remodeling have to do with marketing or social media or sales tips you see on this blog but the truth of the matter is, any company such as a company like www.LancasterKitchens.net fully knows in order to run and grow their business, this is what it’s all about.
I should know since I am the one responsible for helping Kitchen Encounters with their marketing. Please check out their beautiful website at and let me kn ow what you think of Kitchen Encounters website.

03 Jul 2012

Local SEO

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One of my new clients recently told me that his website does not bring in any new customers.

Basically, they use the site to tell current clients or prospects, when they get one, to go and check them out.

Pretty much what a nice looking brochure would do.

So, what we are doing now is optimizing his site for keywords, the phrases people search for.

And then we add some “link juice”, meaning other connections coming back to his site.

Google loves that along with great content.

The bottom line is, if you want more traffic locally, there is quite a bit you can do either for free

or of little cost to have new clients coming your way.

The nice thing is…. you can start today!!

03 Jul 2012

Email Marketing

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Hello to all!!

I just rec’d an email about the success of email marketing. I use constant contact for my clients
to help them stay in front of their clients and close more sales.

Here is an example.

Local email marketing really works…

I setup a Constant Contact account, uploaded his client list and started sending out regular emails with a mix of content and sales offers.

Using subject line teasers, we have been averaging a 33% open rate.

Friday and Sunday morning, I sent out an emails about a special 4th of July sale that started yesterday, July 1st.

During the regular 4-hour work day on Sunday, July 1st, we almost tripled their sales compared to their average sales they do during their 14-hour days.

I’m telling you, this is a lot easier than getting new clients.

Let me know if you want more sales the easy way!!

02 Jul 2012

Cold Calls- What are your thoughts?

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Recently, I read thru a hotly debated discussion that started out about whether we should do any cold calls

and if they are profitable. It was quite a heated discussion and it got really ugly with the comments I saw flying back and forth.

Below is what I wrote and I encourage you to add your insight as well.

Greeting’s to everyone!!

Wow! What a lively discussion.

I appreciate all the passion form both sides of the fence.

I am a professional Sales Coach and have been highly trained. I have been helping thousands of sales people for over 30 years.

I would like to offer a few suggestions that may help in this discussion as well as for future issues we all face.

1. How we disagree with a person is just as important or more so than whether we are correct in our thinking Honoring the other person should come first.
2. If we stoop to the level of bad language or degrading the other person, how will that help you win your point? Who would listen?
3. In reality, one sales rule is to “Never defend”. We have all learned that we really can’t change people unless they want to change.
4. There is a verse that says “Don’t throw pearls to the swine” If you have “golden nuggets” and another cannot absorb them. Move on quickly for both of your sake.

5. On a practical level about cold calls.

A. It is good to make cold calls for several reasons. One, being you can start right now. Also, it helps you refine your 30 second commercial, the more you say it. This is how many sales people have to start out.

B. Cold calls are normally for setting the appointment after you have qualified or disqualified the prospect. If you do need to “sell” over the phone, then after bonding and re-pore has been established, then the sales process could start.

C. I never do the closing, I let the prospect close themselves with a series of questions.

D. Cold calls are NOT the best use of our time once we learn how to generate leads. Most of us believe that we are good or great “closing” and you are worth much more doing that, rather than “finding the person to sell to.
I hire people to open doors for me if I want to use the phone.
I would much rather have people calling me than “finding people”

I could write more on this but I think you get the points.

1. Don’t bother arguing, state your belief once. You will quickly see the kind of person you are talking to and and then guard your time.
2. Cold calls make us better and appreciate those who make them for us
3. Learn how to market yourself and get referrals so you do what you are best at, closing business, not “finding people”
4. Finally, ask yourself after a conversation- “Did we both win and learn something”?
If you don’t see it going in that direction, thank them for their time and move on.

I hope this helps and my best to everyone of you. Increase your professional level today.


01 Jun 2012

Social Media in Columbia, Pa?

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Can Social Media work in a little town like Columbia,Pa?

Some of my clients have asked me if there is a way to use social media in a small town?

Well, the quick answer is….. Yes you can!!

You can use Social Media in Columbia, pa or anywhere else for that matter. Don’t worry about the size of your town. The same things “big city” businesses do you can do too.

Consistency is the key and overlapping your marketing with several social media platforms.

You know the ones I am talking about. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google Plus and maybe even Pinterest.

There is always something interesting to offer up or questions you can answer using Social Media.

Bottom Line? You can be a big fish in a little pond and you can own the pond!!!

Now, just get out there and have some fun, help someone and watch what happens!

24 May 2012

Social Media in Lancaster, Pa

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Are you using blogging and social media in Lancaster, Pa to grow your local business?

After many years as a sales trainer and an online and offline marketer, if there was one thing I would advise people to do to get great results it would be ” don’t put all your eggs in one basket”.

I think you know what I mean.

Successful marketing will NOT just be social media marketing. It won’t be just blogging. It won’t be just a direct mail campaign, it’s going to be some of all of these and more.

So as much as social media is the ‘New kid on the block” [and is here to stay] don’t neglect other things you can do or is already working for you.

I DO love social media. It has been very good to me and will be for you too, but I have helped my clients with simple postcards that have generated a tremendous response along with many other online and offline systems we use to get more business for our clients.

I wrote this to encourage you so that if you haven’t conquered social media in Lancaster pa or wherever you live, don’t sweat it. Find someone to do what you won’t get done and concentrate on your skill level.

Ok, time for bed!!