09 Jul 2013

LinkedIn Connections

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Some of my students from a recent class I taught on

“How to Use LinkedIn for Business”

started implementing some of the action steps.

One of the actions was to start connecting on LinkedIn but
doing it correctly and with a personal touch.

You will see two LinkedIn tips below.

Can you spot them and more importantly, are you doing them?

Below is the note I sent to my LinkedIn Student.

Hi there,

Good job on connecting!!

Remember to make it personal, take out the default info
and build personal relationships.

Get in the habit of doing some updates, ask questions, stir up some response.
I am doing that with some of the great questions like yours and asking within groups that I am in, related questions so I can interact and also learn some new things.

That is how it works.

Here is a question you could post- Recently a man ask me this question “Is it still possible for a 60 year old man to develop “six pack abs”?

And then you can either give the answer or ask others what they think or do both.

Let me know what you think but take action today!!

My best to YOU,


07 Jul 2013

LinkedIn Training- Video and Keywords

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The training I did last week on LinkedIn spun off some great questions.

Here is one from Dennis who was at the LinkedIn for Business training.


The LinkedIn on training was great! Thank you.
I have a question about video: can I use my Android to shoot the videos? Or do
I need to use a camera?
If I can use my Droid, how do I enter keywords before I upload it to YouTube?

As for shooting video’s on your Android, here are the simple steps.

1. You must have a YouTube channel
2. After shooting your video on your phone, click on your share button [let me know if you don’t know what that looks like] and click on YouTube.
3. Now you will see where you can put your title and description, using your keywords.
4. You will also want to add tags which are additional keywords.
5. Finally, click on the upload button at the top right of your screen.

[you will see a bar showing the progress of the upload for completion]

Tip- keep your videos short [a few minutes or less]. If you need it to be longer, break them up into Part 1, 2,3 etc

Hope this helps and let me know how you made out!!


29 Jun 2013

“LinkedIn Light bulbs”

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Yesterday’s Training on “Getting More Business With LinkedIn” was a smashing success. Over 56 Powerpoint Slides of rich content.

It was held in West Chester, Pa.

We had fun with “LinkedIn Light Bulbs”, which were when someone in the audience picked up on something they could immediately put into work on LinkedIn to get more business or make their LinkedIn profile found quicker.

One lady in the audience had over 15 “Light bulb Moments” and won the entire training day for free!

Two people ended up getting their complete registration fee totally refunded!

Lunch was included and a special thanks to Ken LaRosa for organizing the event and making it all possible.

Thx KEN!!!

By the way it sounds, the next “LInkedIn training will be happening again real soon!

All are welcome who want to take advantage of this wonderful platform
to grow your business and contact base so that business is coming to you instead of chasing it down the street.

27 Jun 2013

LinkedIn Training

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Hello to all,

On Friday the 28th of June, I will be presenting a Powerpoint Presentation entitled

“Growing Your Business With LinkedIn”

The Training will be held in West Chester with many more trainings to follow

using webinars as offline live presentations.

If you know any groups from 5 to 100 that have an interest in LinkedIn, let me know!!

07 Jun 2013

Understanding Facebook Ads

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I run ongoing profitable Facebook Ads for Kitchen Remodel companies, local construction businesses, hearing aid establishments and many more. There is a right way and an expensive wrong way to run Facebook or Google Adword Campaigns.

Below is an explanation to help you run profitable ads.

Facebook Ad Choices
There are four types:

1. Marketplace Ads
If you are familiar with Facebook ads, you might remember when the social platform offered only one ad option. This is the marketplace ad and it is still one of the most popular choices. It allows a headline, small blurb of copy and a corresponding image.

2. Sponsored Stories
Sponsored stories give advertisers the opportunity to promote any offer, post or app, as well as entice people to “Like” their Pages.
These ads work differently than marketplace ads because they utilize your fans and friends of fans to spread your content throughout Facebook.
Sponsored Stories are effective because they operate by taking advantage of what we call “social proof.”
Example: Your friend goes on vacation and comes back raving about the hotel at which he stayed. He “likes” the hotel’s Facebook Page and talks about his awesome experience in a Facebook status telling his friends they have to visit. You, a trusted friend, will take the recommendation seriously more than you would if the hotel itself told you how wonderful the place was. When we see the people we trust liking an activity or recommending a product, we are more apt to take the plunge and try it. This explains the crux of how Sponsored Stories works.
If a Facebook user mentions your Page, you can promote these stories to friends of this user who are not yet connected to your Page. Once your friend “liked” the hotel Page, if the hotel was running a sponsored story ad, you would most likely see this “liking action” and as a result be compelled to “Like” the hotel’s Facebook Page as well.

Should you use Sponsored Stories?
Use this ad when you want to increase the “Likes” to your Page. For best results, it is recommended to only use it when you already have a substantial amount of fans.
Sponsored Stories can also promote a specific post from your Page. You can choose from a variety of recent posts.

Sponsored Stories center on the principle of engagement and sharing. When you run these ads, you are essentially advertising the activities of your fans, whether they “Like” or engage with a post, event, app, etc.

3. Page Post Ads
Running a webinar? Promoting an event? Have an engaging Facebook post you want to advertise?
If so, you may want to promote your post to a wider audience. These posts advertise to anyone within your target audience.

When clicked, it opens up into the original post:

Note: Though this ad promotes a Page post, it is not the same as Sponsored Stories because it does not target people via engagement actions. Page Post Ads target anyone on Facebook within the demographic you suggest for the ads regardless of whether they are connected to your Page. Sponsored Stories only advertises to the friends of your fans, not a targeted demographic.
Tip: Page Post Ads are effective when you want to advertise an event, app, or special post to a large audience that is not currently connected to your Page. This type of ad isn’t recommended when you want to increase your fan count.

4. Promoted Posts
Promoted posts are completely different than Sponsored Stories and Page Post Ads. Even though they all have the potential to promote a specific post, they vary in definition.
Take a look at the posts you created for your Facebook Page. On the bottom of each one, you will see a number that signifies the number of people who saw the post. On average, this number is much lower than your fan count, which means not all of your fans see your posts. In fact, only a small percentage of your fans may see them.
Promoted posts allow you to increase your exposure to a larger percentage of your fans. You can launch this promotion directly from the post that is located on your Page, not the advertising panel where the previous ads are located.

I hope this has given you encouragement that you can be successful running facebook Ads locally in Lancaster, Pa or anywhere you choose.

Good Luck!

20 Apr 2013

Google Plus- Take Advantage of It!

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If you are serious about Local marketing in Lancaster Pa or anywhere, for that matter, learn how to Take advantage of Google Plus.

It’s Free!!

When it comes time to creating a marketing plan, you either know what you’re doing, or you don’t. You either know which steps to take and what works best or you’re going through the motions and denying reality. If you haven’t yet embraced Google+ Local as a marketing tool for your business… it’s time to face reality.
Which group do you fit into?

Over the past several years, a growing number of companies have learned how to take advantage of Google+ Local to find customers. This may be a wild new territory for you, especially if you have never relied on Internet marketing in the past, but the last thing you want is to leave new business on the table.

Does Local Marketing Confuse You? Like anything else, it takes some time but it’s worth it.

Like many, you may not realize what Google+ Local is all about. The search engine giant recently did away with Google Places in favor of Google+ Local in an attempt to bring Google user’s personal profiles and business directory profiles all into one big online playground where people and companies can play nice together.

While the name has changed and there are new features to take advantage of, there is nothing complicated about what it can do for your business.

Three Google+ Local Marketing Ideas

Don’t just create a Google+ Local business profile, make sure you stand out in the crowd and actually use it regularly. It is safe to say that many of your competitors will be using this service as well. For this reason, you need to stand out in a good way. One way of optimizing your page is to make sure your +Local profile is completed in its entirety. From the use of images and video, to descriptive text, you don’t want to cut corners here.
Merge your Google+ business page and your Google+ Local page to unlock social features & then regularly interact with followers & customers. While the first motive to use +Local is to bring business to you, this one tip is all about being friendly, transparent, and accessible. Find people who are interested in your company and industry and add them to your Circles & share great content often, positioning you as an expert in your industry. This is often times the first step in getting the attention of a potential new customer.
Here is a link with instructions on how to verify your Google+ business page.

Learn more about Google+ Hangouts. If you want to see what Google has to say about this feature, visit the official Google+ Hangouts page to learn more. In short, this allows you to chat face to face, hold meetings (free consultation maybe?), and broadcast yourself to prospects all over the world.
Why Ignore Google+ Local?

If you continue to ignore the power of Google+ Local you will continue to leave money on the table and remain anonymous to prospects who are willing to give your company a shot.

With the three ideas above, you can easily get involved with Google+ Local and get a taste of what it has to offer. The sooner you get started, the sooner you will realize what this tool can do for your business.

I hope this opened your eyes for local marketing.

Keep smiling until next time!!

17 Apr 2013

Cupcake Marketing Online

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17 Apr 2013

Take 2 minutes and watch this Video about online marketing

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12 Apr 2013

SEO Tips For Your Website

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Make sure your site is search engine compliant, and be sure your SEO content is unique, fresh and interesting.

Update your content often. Provide true, correct and interesting content, using your selected keywords.

And always remember…it doesn’t have to be your home page which reaches the top in the search engines.

Each page within you web site stands on its own, and is ranked independently.

07 Apr 2013

What Are Your Strengths?

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How long has it been since you stopped and thought about your strengths?

How much of your time is “working on” your weaknesses?

What do you think very successful people focus on?

I am sure you guessed correctly.

Focus on Your Strengths!

Take just one day and write down all you do, hour by hour.

Then ask yourself which ones are strengths and which are weaknesses.

You will be shocked, or maybe you won’t be.

Now, we have the opportunity to stop doing the “definition of Insanity”
and start to spend more or ALL of our time on our strengths.

This post is something you have heard before, no doubt but ask yourself
where you are truthfully in the process.

Make the changes, get some accountability and watch your success rate dramatically increase.

Good luck and let me know how you are doing!!