28 Apr 2017

Your Reputation

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4 Reputations You Need to Think About

1. Your Good Reputation

2. Your Bad Reputation

3. Your Lack of a Reputation

4. Your Competition’s Reputation

Does your business need more reviews?

Do you have some bad reviews and not sure what to do about them?

Would you like to know how to increase business with 5 star reviews?

Let me know, we are here to help.


12 Apr 2017

Ben Franklin Was Wrong? I Don’t Think So!

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Below is my response to an email I rec’d from a man named Chris.

His theory overall was to stop saving, “A penny saved is a penny earned”. It’s false and won’t get you anywhere.

He goes onto to say…

Buy 1st class airline tickets so you feel successful, etc.
Reward yourself, whether you’ve earned it or not.

Warning!! My Response may be too strong for the faint hearted, haha.

So, here is my response…..

Yikes Chris,

That rant is one of the worst things I have ever heard regarding your statement saying that

you believe Ben Franklin’s quote “A penny saved is a penny earned” is totally false.

What you are saying is that you are smarter than Ben Franklin. Tell yourself the truth on that.

Further more, You are so very narrow minded about that saying.

To save coupons does not mean I am not a great investor or successful.

To save on not buying 1st class does not mean I am a loser who does not think well of myself.

Also, I guess you are also smarter than Warren Buffet too.

You miss the boat in so many ways with this narrow minded thinking.

Saving money IS money that you don’t have to earn.
Saving money does NOT mean you don’t also spend money.

IF, all a person cared about was hiding money under the mattress, that would not be wise.

And yet having said that, many more people have been hurt and ruined by buying 1st class tickets when they don’t have the money to do so, just so they could “feel good about themselves”.

If you have to do outward things to feel good about yourself, you have serious problems.

What you have done with your limited view of Ben’s quote, is encourage people to be reckless and think of what they want to do rather than what is wise.

Chris, I have followed you for years and even bought some of your products.

I have been and am a very successful business person who loves not having to re earn a penny I already have.

Not to mention, being a wise steward of what has been giving to me.

So, there is my response.

I hope you read thru it several times and look to see if there is anything here for you, rather than being angry and only wanting to defend your position. I am sure you can find others who salute you and think what you are saying is correct.

I realize this will be hard for you. The success you have had puts you in a very dangerous position.

Either way, I wish you the best.


30 Nov 2016

Thinking of Writing a Book?

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In the last few days several people have told me their plans to write a book.

If this is of interest to you, here is a site that might help

Also, there is a great company in Lancaster Pa I can hook you up with Kerry and Larry directly if you want to get your book published but don’t want to have inventory or alot of upfront costs.

22 Sep 2016

Great Read and One of my Favorite Books

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25 Apr 2016


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16 Feb 2016

The Impossible

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I never was a great runner but did some jogging in my time.

In May of 1954, Roger Bannister changed the world.

For most of human history, it was widely accepted that it was IMPOSSIBLE for a human to run a mile in less than 4 minutes. It was considered a fact.

That is, until Roger dared to ignore what everyone else thought and break it anyway.

And after he broke the psychological barrier that kept ALL OF MANKIND from breaking the 4 minute mile, guess what happened?

In less than 3 years, 16 other runners broke the 4 minute mark. And today, being able to run under a 4 minute mile is the STANDARD of all male professional distance runners.

Maybe you think prospecting for new customers and growing your business is like that 4 minute barrier: It’s just a fact that it has to be hard, expensive, and no matter how you attack it, it’s a slow, painful process.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Like the 4 minute mile, it’s just a false psychological barrier.

What is holding you back? Who are you accountable to grow thru this obstacle?

On a scale of 1-10 with 10 being you will do what ever it takes, what is your number?

Make a decision today, NOW, and get help to make it happen!

28 Nov 2015

To Love or to Control?

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I was getting worked up because a friend was doing something stupid.
Something that was going to damage their family. Something that would, in the
end, damage my friend deeply. And despite how I reasoned with, pleaded with,
and tried to pressure my friend into doing what I knew was right, they just moved
faster down the wrong path. I found myself getting angrier with them. By God’s
grace, in a flash, I saw that my attempts to control them had blocked my ability to
love them. Controlling them, or being responsible for their behavior, was never
my job. My only assignment was to love them – which I couldn’t do while I was
busy trying to “fix” them.

14 Sep 2015

Are You a Deep Thinker?

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Do you believe this? What would you add to this quote? Can you think of anyone that this happened to?

“All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.” –Arthur Schopenhauer

31 Aug 2015

If You Like Russell Crowe, Watch This Movie!!

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05 Aug 2015

Google My Business- Good to know

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Below you will find information you will see when adding information onto your Google My Business Page.

You Do Have Your Google My Business page, don’t you?

Despite all the hype about Facebook {and I love Facebook} Google takes great care of LOCAL companies if you follow the rules they have.

So, the info below is simply for you to understand how some of it works with Google.

What happens to your edits

Edits that you make to your verified business information may be subject to review to ensure they follow the quality guidelines for pages as well as the Google+ content policy. Because of this, your changes may not be reflected immediately.

After you’ve saved your changes, three things can happen:

Some edits may be accepted
Some edits may be pending review
Some edits may not be accepted
Pending edits

If any of your edits are pending review, you’ll see a banner displaying the message “Some updates to this page may take up to 3 days to go live” at the top of your dashboard.

The fields which are pending review will display a Pending status within the field.

Unaccepted edits

Edits may be reviewed for quality before publishing, so at times you may find that we haven’t accepted some of your edits. If this happens, you’ll see the status “We have updated your business information based on user reports and our data” at the top of your dashboard.

The fields which haven’t been accepted will display with an Updated status within the field. We will also show you this status update if your business information is updated from other sources.

To see the information that’s live on your business’s page, click the LIVE ribbon in the dashboard to see your business live on Google. Once you’ve checked out the page, clicking OK in the status bar above will accept the updates.

If you believe your business information on Google is incorrect, click here to contact us for help.

Thanks for your feedback.


Any questions? Call me.

Austin Helsel
717 330 1850