10 Oct 2008

Marketing Tutorials

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What Are Marketing Tutorials?

When I was a kid I got sick and had to have a tutor come to the house and tutor me for a whole year. One of the things I liked about it was the fact that I only had to get taught exactly what I should be learning and then the tutor left. It really didn’t take that long to learn what I had to know for that school year.

What if we could have a marketing tutorial program that gave us exactly what we need, and only what we need to increase our income in a dramatic fashion by someone who has done it and done it BIG TIME?

Do you know anyone you could get real answers from that can generate $50,000,000 in sales in one year on the internet?

Would you like to see first hand video marketing tutorials that can get you as big a piece of the huge market as you want?

Watch this quick free marketing video tutorial introduction and see what I mean. You may not be able to sleep tonight!!

Who do you know that could be a marketing tutor to you that has perfected tutorials for marketing that walks you step by step down the line to actual financial success.

To be able to live the life you always wanted to.

I personally have been mentored all my life by men and women smarter than me.

Many businesses would have been more successful if they would have had marketing tutorials to guide them through their journey of growing their business. The ball really gets dropped when in comes to marketing. Having great products and being nice people is just not enough.

So, if you are really wanting to learn how to move into the level of success you want, check out one of the best places you will ever learn from if you are looking for marketing tutorials that explains exactly what has been the missing link for good folks that have not reached their potential.
Go here to learn more. Marketing Tutorials

04 Oct 2008

Focus Pocus- One Minute Tip #3

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How often do you think about focus?

I mean really think about it. I am told that some baseball players can see the threads of the ball at 90 miles per hour as it comes toward the plate.

Now that’s focus. Or how about a shooter or a golfer? They simply do not let themselves get distracted. Thet can’t afford to.

What about you?

Do you treat your business in a focused manner? Or do you pull out the shotgun and see what you will hit each day?

There is no good arguments saying that focus is hocus pocus but there is plenty of evidence that it helps.

Now comes the work.

What can you focus on in your business? I mean today. What is the one thing that is very important, infact the most important task you need to work on or complete?

Write it down. Go ahead, stop reading and write it down.Now tell someone your goal and ask them to check up on you at the end ofthe day.

Do you see how this will improve your effectiveness big time?

I have never seen it not work. Will you do it? Of course you will. You are a winner and that means you get things done.

So now you know the simple steps and how focusing on focus is one of the keys to your success

02 Oct 2008

Free Videos-Would You Like To Learn How To Use The Internet For Greater Profit?

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I just found this awesome website that is currently offering a total of 17 In-Depth Internet Business video training courses …

… and right now – they aren’t charging a single penny for membership.

But you gotta hurry … this training goes WAY BEYOND what you can usually expect.

And they may start charging for membership at anytime!

Get Free Videos Here

Talk to you later …

Austin Helsel

01 Oct 2008

The “Sales Presentation” One Minute Tip#2

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Do you give Sales Presentations?

Today I was working with some clients who can do a very good sales presentation but are not able to close many sales.

Here is the tip

The problem is not your presentation, there is a very good chance you are not asking enough upfront questions to make sure that when you do your sales presentation, that it addresses what there needs and or wants really are.

I usually ask for 3-5 good reasons why they are looking for something different than what they have now. I put some work into this.

When I get my answers from them……

Who Is Really Selling Who?

That’s correct, they are assisting me in the sale.

Make the sale easy on you and let them be a big part of it.

Now get out there and close some business!!!

28 Sep 2008

Sales Training In One Minute. Tip #1

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Today I was in a meeting of about 20 professional sales people. Some successful and others not so successful.

Here Is The One Minute Sales Training…..

Those who took action more often were most successful!!!!!!!

That didn’t even take 60 seconds. Read it again.

One salesman said he was training another one and showing him how he hands out flyers.

When they stopped the car to each get out and hand some flyers out, the trainee said

“I’ll Just Wait In The Car”

Wait in the car??? How did he think he was going to make any contacts?

So even if you don’t know for sure that your action will get results,
there is a good chance some kind of action is better
than no action at all!!

Go to it, my friend.

27 Sep 2008

Quick Question…What Did You Do This Week To Market Your Business?

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27 Sep 2008

He Said, “I’m Not Interested!”

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Recently I was out on a prospecting call. As soon as they small businees owner saw that I was not there to buy anything from him, he quickly said he was not interested.

Not Interested In What?

This small minded small business owner had no idea how offensive he was. He was purely self centered and had just one thought….what I was going to buy from him.

Do you think I will be buying anything from him? Or referring anyone to him?

What Could He Have Done?

He could have politely told me that he was happy with who he was using or any number of respectful ways to thank me for coming in but heis decision is final.

He was so quick on the draw that he hardly knew what I was even there to talk to him about at another time.

Treat everyone as you would want to be treated and you can gain new business without spending a dime.

27 Sep 2008

Free Microsoft Videos

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Here is a link to some real good Microsoft Videos to protect your computer and keep in running fast. Also virus protection.

Helpful for Vista users too!

Get you free videos here!

19 Sep 2008

Greetings Again! Make Sure You Read Austin Helsel’s “Life Lessons” On This Marketing Blog

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19 Sep 2008

How To Lose Customers And Not Even Know It

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Recently I went into a jewelry retail store with a client who wanted to put a small amount of brochures in the store to promote his business. He was also in the market to possibly buy some jewelry for his wife. The owner showed him some nice pieces and my client talked about bringing his wife to the store for her to look around.

The store was empty of customers and the jewelry was expensive. She needed all the customers she could get.

When my client, who I was training, asked if he could put a few brochures somewhere in the store she quickly said, No, I don’t want anything like that in my store.

Well, that didn’t exactly make my client want to rush his wife to the store to fill this owner’s pockets with their money.

Needless to say, the owner lost a very good prospect and potential long term customer. We will never know how much income was lost, but it was some amount and how many other prospects has this lady turned off? One is too many.

Here is a few lessons that can be learned from this situation. First, treat everyone with the highest of respect, especially vendors trying to sell you something. They see many people in the course of a week. Do you want them saying negative things about the way they were treated?
Next, be on the look out on how you can help others. Allowing my client to leave a few brochures in her store would not have caused her any harm and possibly helped him a great deal.
And finally, follow the golden rule. It’s not that hard. Do unto others as you would have others do unto you.

Practice every opportunity to find ways to be kind and generous, there is never a bad time to do it.