11 Jul 2007

Amish Profits

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A few days ago I was playing table tennis with a man much better than myself but I was having a great time anyway. During a break he told me about his retail store that sells Amish stuff. He has a great store in a great location filled with Amish gifts and Amish quilts and Amish….well everything! Pretty cool.

However, he has no exposure on the internet. So to make this story short, we are going to build him a great website that will be optimized for the products he sells. He very well may own the market in a short time with the right kind of sight and we will do some PPC [pay per click] for him with Google adwords to get him some instant leads. If you don’t know much about PPC ask me how to get new customers by this time tomorrow.


He has thousands of people go in and out of his store and never thought of this……collecting their information to sell them something again! Right now he has just one chance to sell something. Why not make it a lifetime?

So he made up a very crude box asking people at the register for their name and email address in return to possibly win an Amish Quilt.  It sort of looked like A very practical Amish guy found a box in the corner and said to himself “good enough” [and it is]

I was in the other day and he has hundreds of names already. He has no idea how valuable these names are. I am very excited for him.

In a sense he will soon have two stores, one offline and now one online. He can be making money in his sleep or playing alot more ping pong!

If you want to sell products on the internet, I can show you how. From the very basic set up to extensive. Or if you have a site but no products to sell I can show you how to put others related products on your site and pick up some vewry nice income.

Give me a call at 717 330 1850


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