07 Jul 2008

Mark Hendricks Is A Good Guy

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When Mark sends me something I find it to be worthwhile. Below is the email he sent me. I don’t make any money on sending you to him but go to the link below and see it you like the quick story that he shared with me.

Let me know what you think!

Mark’s email.

Most people make things hard…way too hard.

I prefer to simplify to get more results for less work.

I’ve got a special gift for you, you don’t have to sign
up for anything, or get hit with OTO upsells, or any
of that nonsense.

And you may give it to as many people as you want,
or just forward this email to them (I would edit off
the unsub info at the end before you do, just in case
they would click on any of those links :-).

It’s a story that has had a terrific influence on my
thinking and my success — may it also be a positive
influence on you in those ways too.


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