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How to Sell on LinkedIn…….And How NOT to Sell

Our Last LinkedIn Training Class continues to be quite lively, asking super great questions. Here is another one with my response. Thx Sean, This is a particularly great question from Sean. Read the question and then see my response below it. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Thanks Austin the class was very helpful and I am passing your name […]

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LinkedIn Connections

Some of my students from a recent class I taught on “How to Use LinkedIn for Business” started implementing some of the action steps. One of the actions was to start connecting on LinkedIn but doing it correctly and with a personal touch. You will see two LinkedIn tips below. Can you spot them and […]

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LinkedIn Training- Video and Keywords

The training I did last week on LinkedIn spun off some great questions. Here is one from Dennis who was at the LinkedIn for Business training. Austin, The LinkedIn on training was great! Thank you. I have a question about video: can I use my Android to shoot the videos? Or do I need to […]

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