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“LinkedIn Light bulbs”

Yesterday’s Training on “Getting More Business With LinkedIn” was a smashing success. Over 56 Powerpoint Slides of rich content. It was held in West Chester, Pa. We had fun with “LinkedIn Light Bulbs”, which were when someone in the audience picked up on something they could immediately put into work on LinkedIn to get more […]

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LinkedIn Training

Hello to all, On Friday the 28th of June, I will be presenting a Powerpoint Presentation entitled “Growing Your Business With LinkedIn” The Training will be held in West Chester with many more trainings to follow using webinars as offline live presentations. If you know any groups from 5 to 100 that have an interest […]

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Understanding Facebook Ads

I run ongoing profitable Facebook Ads for Kitchen Remodel companies, local construction businesses, hearing aid establishments and many more. There is a right way and an expensive wrong way to run Facebook or Google Adword Campaigns. Below is an explanation to help you run profitable ads. Facebook Ad Choices There are four types: 1. Marketplace […]

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