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Blogging to the Bank

Here is a very interesting link about Blogging but the reason it is so interesting is that this company will set up and actually create the site or sites for you. Not only that, they say that these blogs will make you money very shortly after they are set up. Check it out and let […]

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What was being said 55 years ago?

It’s amazing what the thoughts and beliefs were 55 years ago. Below are just a few things to think about, especially for us old enough to remember these to be true. Here ya go! ‘I’ll tell you one thing, if things keep going the way they are, it’s going to be impossible To buy a […]

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Where does all this new business come from?

I think Zig Ziglar may have said it best…. “If you help enough people get what they want, you’ll get what you want” I want you to think about what you can give that has great value to others but when you give it, there is NO hint of how you could possibly prosper from […]

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