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You Know I Love Adwords!!

   If you don’t have an adword account set up at Google then some of these comments below will not make any sense to you. I set up alot of lead generating campaigns for clients so I found some of them amusing. Enjoy!   YOU KNOW YOU’RE AN ADWORDS GEEK IF… You categorize your refrigerator […]

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iPhones- What can’t they do?

iPhones are hot, hot, hot! Lets just see how hot they can get. This of course has nothing to do with helping you grow your business but I am not always productive, are you?

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Amish Profits

A few days ago I was playing table tennis with a man much better than myself but I was having a great time anyway. During a break he told me about his retail store that sells Amish stuff. He has a great store in a great location filled with Amish gifts and Amish quilts and […]

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