12 Sep 2008

“When The Going Gets Tough, The Tough Get………Grateful”

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Life is tough and even those who wish to “look on the bright side” still get rained upon. And even when it appears that you are doing all that you know to receive the desired outcome and it still doesn’t come, what are we to think? Is it us? Are we expecting too much? Too little? Lazy? Working too hard at it? God doesn’t like me anymore? Guilt of some kind?

Did the cards get dealt to me with an unfair deck? Or maybe I am just destined to struggle?

As you can see, there are many ways to think about “why”.

But did you notice one thing?

Look again at the possibilities…..All my thoughts about my particular problem are negative. Amazing isn’t it? We naturally think this way and I could give you my well thought out reason for this but that is not the point of this article.

So, what can we do to instantly make change take place?

There’s good news and bad news. Actually, there is good news and more good news if you can follow along with me.

The truth is we have a challenge that appears to be hanging around much too long and it’s not what we asked for…or is it?

Let’s first look at what we asked for. And let’s say for fun we wanted to be a great teacher. You prayed to God and asked for just this one request. You wanted to be remembered for being a really great teacher.

Several teaching jobs become available and you jump at the chance only to watch another person get the job. And this goes on for much longer than is in your plans. Is this a good thing or a “not so good of a thing?”

Most of us know how a valuable pearl is refined. A whole lot of friction from the sand constantly rubbing up against it with no end in site. The poor little pearl has no idea if it will ever get out of its misery. It might even think its good enough at a certain point and just want to be done with the whole process.
But on and on it goes and then finally, one day it’s made into a very fine necklace and gracefully lying upon the skin of a beautiful women for all to admire. It paid the price, even when it didn’t want to.

If we could know now that the outcome would be exactly what we thought was best for us and it came exactly when WE thought was the best timing, do you really think we are that smart to know all this? I know I’m not.

So here’s what I do….

I make a decision that I am being watched over and there is a perfect plan for my life and for the issue I am dealing with. I choose to believe that whatever challenge that comes my way, is some form of sand working on me to prepare me for the position in life that I want, or believe that is best for me. So, while I am waiting and the sand keeps on rolling over me and it’s quite painful on many occasions, I can be thankful for that “friction” that is making into the great teacher that I wanted to be.

Actually, the more friction, the better if I want to be the best. In fact, “bring it on” as fast as possible so that I can be created and refined through all trials as quickly as possible so that when my opportunity comes, I am truly ready. The little pearl thought he was ready many, many times but he wasn’t. He didn’t know what he didn’t know.

I think we are like that too. So, whatever you are facing or have been facing, the very best way to succeed through it is believe now, believe today that the friction rubbing against you is exactly what you need and have asked for if you want a goal to go beyond “average”.

Your thoughts and your actions can be all negative just like the way this article started out or you can make a choice to pick out the 500 to 1000 things that are going great for you right this very moment.

Just to get you started let’s list just a few. And if you have anything over 50% of this small list, you are pretty darn fortunate.

You are still breathing
Most arms and legs still connected
Can smell a rose
Can see a sunrise
Able to hear beautiful music
Ah, the taste of your favorite food
[You don’t take any of these for “granted” do you?] A quick test to see if you do is asking yourself if you thanked your God today for them. Did you? Whoops.

Ok, a few more and then I’ll let the rest up to you.

Are you currently living inside a dwelling?
Any food recently? [Within the last few days]
Any money at all coming in?
Is there anyone who loves you? How many?
Could you smile right now if you wanted to?
Is it possible to make someone else happy right now with a kind word?

Ok, I think you see where we can go with all of this. It all comes down to a choice. Your choice. You are in total control. You choose to think and act the way you decide. No one does it for you.

So what does it really take? Well, it does require a conscious decision. You do have to want it and it takes courage. This world will pull you down and it will pull hard and often.

The question is, Are you going to let it rule you or are you deciding today and every day that you are the decision maker in your life?

I wish you all the success and to have the courage each day as the friction of the sand shapes you into the “pearl” you are becoming.
Embrace each obstacle, knowing that you are on your way to your destiny!

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