The beginning of Wisdom is, Acquire Wisdom.

And with all your acquiring, get understanding.


So the question is- Are you consciously seeking wisdom?
Before you quickly say yes, ask yourself- What wisdom did you go after
YESTERDAY? Or what wisdom atleast found you?

If it isn’t on your mind as a goal to go after, you will
likely go thru day after day without gaining wisdom.

So, make it a daily habit,

Seek Wisdom and understanding.

What Wisdom can I receive today?

Your mind automatically wants to answer that question.

Do you like nifty free tools that help you with your business or research?

There’s a tool you may find handy: it’s called “Google Trends.”
It’s easy to use – and free.

It can show you what people in your local market search for. It’s
like the Google Keyword Planner (formerly Keyword Tool), but Trends
often does a better job of showing you patterns of search behavior.

For example, let’s say you’re a car mechanic in Phoenix. This
tool will tell you things like whether people in the Phoenix area
tend to search for “car mechanic” versus “auto mechanic,” versus
“auto repair service.”

Or if you really want to market yourself as “car mechanic,” you can
type that into Google Trends and it will tell you in which nearby
town people are most likely to type in “car mechanic.”

It can even give you predictions for what people will be most
likely to search for around specific times of year – like during
the holidays.

You know what services you offer. What’s harder to know is how
your customers go about searching locally for what you offer.
That’s what Google Trends might help you find out.

If you don’t have any burning keyword-research questions off the
top of your head, I still suggest you spend 5-10 minutes toying
around with Trends: You might discover useful facts about your
local market. You can use Trends at

As always, let me know if you need some help with your business.

Google has confirmed that Panda 4.0 is here, starting today!

Matt Cutts from Google recently told us that the next generation of Panda would be more friendly to small businesses. Yea!! Let’s all believe!!!

This is brand new news, so we have to wait and see the impact. If you notice a fluctuation in your traffic after this update, let me know.

Remember, Google has told us before that if you are hit by Panda, you should be able to recover within 2-3 months. So if you’ve taken a hit and haven’t recovered, something is still not right. So dig deeper to find and fix the issue. It could be a number of things but don’t forget what Google always likes and you will be fine.
Don’t try and shortcut the system. It just does not payoff in the long run.

Google is one smart company!!

Have You Ever Literally Sat on a Fence?

You know it’s an old saying but think about it.

Sitting on the fence would have to be pretty painful.

No one should really wants to sit on the fence for very long at all.

And yet we do. We sit on the fence about making decisions. We do it all the time.

Is it a good idea? Does it help you in any way? You need to make that decision.

As for me, when I sit on the page that means I am not moving forward. I am not getting

anywhere. Remember, a NO is a decision and a YES is a decision. Maybe’s are not.

Get good at making decisions and staying off the fence!!!

What do you think?

“I am only responsible for what I say,

Not for what you think I said or what you understand”.

It’s a fair question but a tough one at the same time.

I’m a Business Coach and I preach to all who want to hear that pretty much
everyone needs a coach or coaches in their life.

Even me, especially me. Yes, I need a Business Coach, A spiritual coach,
a fitness and nutritional coach, a financial coach and more.

Fortunately, over time, I have realized this and have them in place.

I go to them often.

It’s good to know that I practice what I preach.

It was not always that way. I really DID think that I could get

it all done on my own and at times it looked like I was successful at it.

But compared to what, how did I know what my potential was, who was going to
tell me otherwise.
Sometimes it’s not until the bottom drops out and you realize two or three heads are
better than one. {There is Wisdom in Many}

How about you? Do you believe in getting coaching for YOU? Have you thought about it
but have reasons [excuses] why you have not? Do you not know WHO to turn to?

What are your reasons? Or, are you still under the assumption that you just don’t need a coach.

For business, I pay a hefty monthly fee to help me hit my goals and keep me on the “straight and narrow”.

Recently, [today] I received an email about my upcoming coaching session. It was a “tough love” warning

that said in in no uncertain terms. “Be ready and prepared with what you were to accomplish this week
or don’t bother getting on the coaching call”. YIKES! My Granddaughter would say that was very harsh.

And I might have some time ago in my early years but not today.

The coach is correct and tough love is needed. Who is giving it to you? Are you up for the challenge?

Do you see solid coaching as someone nagging you or offering golden nuggets and accountability
to help you on your way to where you want to go?

I know the answer. I hope you do too. But more importantly, I hope you are doing something about it.

Lay all your excuses, including “I don’t have the money for a coach” in t he trash can.
{that probably sounds harsh to you}
But if some one does talk to you about this, what’s gonna change?

You know the answer.

So, we are down to the wire here. Change or not change. Get help or go it alone.

As so people have said-”How’s that been working for you”?

My guess, not nearly as good as it could be.

Are you ready for your Action Steps? I hope so. The greatest golfers in the world have coaches.
These golf coaches don’t play as well as the person they are coaching and yet they bring an outsiders
perspective, experience and knowledge that the golf pro did not have or forgot.

Action Step- Decide what area of your life that you want to concentrate on and get to the next level.

Is it your Career? Fitness? Spiritual? It doesn’t matter. What does matter is taking action.

Talk to people who are fit if fitness is your goal. Read books, hire a fitness trainer. They are very flexible
on working with in your budget.
Whatever the category is that you picked, don’t put this “tough love” article you are reading away until
you have set you plan in motion.

You can do it, I can do it. And if we want to choose our words a bit better we say,
You WILL do it, I WILL do it and I AM doing it NOW!!

What Have You Heard About Retargeting Marketing?

It’s becoming quite the buzz.

Some call it viral marketing.

In it’s simplest form, it’s all about ads that follow the prospect
around on the internet after they have been on your website and shown an interest
as one example of retargeting.

Imagine having 5-6 times more opportunity to sell to these people who have left
you but you haven’t left them!!!

You’ve probably already experienced this yourself. You did a search or was on a website
and then left only to see that same company or product on another site you are now on.

Pretty amazing. Retargeting Marketing can and will lower your marketing costs
and can increase your conversion rate.

So, check it out and let me know what you think.

Alfred A. Montapert:

“Do not confuse motion and progress”

Here’s another way of saying it….

A rocking horse keeps moving but makes no progress

Can you use this quote with what your work day looked like?

Can you be honest with yourself?

Can you write down how many of your hours were productive today?

Tough questions

Should they be asked? I think so but it doesn’t matter what I think.

The ball is and always will be in your court.

Manage your time and give yourself a pay raise.

Success Quote for TODAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Success is NOT the result
of Spontaneous Combustion.

You must first
Set Yourself ON FIRE.

I was just on a webinar talking about marketing budgets. It was good.

They talked about how to choose the correct budget for their size and profits.

Different for everyone and also different from industry to industry.

The ranges are all over the place but there is a formula that you can start with.

I have been watching the TV show, “The Profit” and it’s pretty cool. He is a no nonsense guy
and cuts to the chase quickly.

Are you cutting to the chase on areas in your business that is not pulling its weight.
Can you make the tough decisions? I know it’s hard but if you don’t do it, who will?

Do you need some help? Get it. Don’t fool around.

Anyway, back to the marketing budget. How serious are you about growing your business?

My guess is you are very serious but do your actions show it?

If you need help figuring this all out, again, I stress not to wait.

Your competitors are not waiting.

Establish a budget based on a percent of your profits. Call me for some guidelines of percentages, based on where you want to go with your sales.

And for those who really have not established a marketing budget….well what can I say? let’s get it done!!

I am here for you!!
717 330 1850

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